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Se K750i: Another K Series Phone

November 24th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Nowadays, most of the mobile users are looking for camera phones and this shows that consumers preferences are changing with time. With significant demand for handsets with imaging tools, Sony Ericsson has also launched an exclusive range of camera phones in the market. The K750i is another move from the company and has got an enthusiastic response from the consumers end.

The SE K750i is a 2.0 mega-pixel imaging phone that ensures high quality picture, superb colour printing and viewing. With such an excellent camera feature combined with business, entertainment and communication features, the K750i is a good choice for today’s busy lifestyle.

Similar to the previous K series phones or, one can say the inheritance of the Sony Ericsson’s most popular K700 handset, more emphasis has been given on the latest consumers demand such as camera and MP3 player, rest of the functions are slightly modified in the K750i. As far as phone dimensions are concerned, it is quite comfortable but somewhat unusual with added functions. With double-side orientation, having a phone on one side and a digital camera on the other side, users easily find it very user-friendly while operating the camera feature as the design is common to any other usual camera phones.

The only unusual thing about the Sony Ericsson K750i is the loudspeaker gaps that are positioned at the top on the phone. However, it has not hampered the sound quality and the perception in any way. The display screen has no change as the previous K700 and K600 – with a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels. The keypad is comfortable, with a joystick for easy navigation. Based on Soft Touch technology, the joystick looks unusual at the first sight but its very simple and user-friendly.

From the entertainment point of view, the handset has all the features to keep you busy and entertained anytime-anywhere. This camera phone also comes with an integrated music player, FM radio and latest Java games – full entertainment kit right into the SE K750i. Backed up with a microSD memory card, users can download and save more songs, pictures and video clips.

With Bluetooth, GPRS, infra-red, USB and WAP, the handset provides connectivity ease. The tri-band phone also comes with Li battery for more standby time. Overall, the phone is quite good and consumers looking for camera and music in their handset can look for the SE K750i.

Sony Ericsson k750i

Keith Rickwood

  1. curious
    November 24th, 2011 at 23:45 | #1

    Is there any cell phone in the Indian market which has one click conversation recording like sony K750i?
    I had a sony ericsson K750i which had the shortcut key feature. One could start recording a conversation without lookin at the screen with a single step. I would like to know, whethe there is a feature in any phone by which recording can be started even before the conversation begins. And has sony ericsson really discontinued the shortcut key function, since it’s not listed in the compare phones option that is on there website? Earlier that website listed the shortcut key feature for K750i and another walkman series phone of sony ericsson. And has sony reallydiscontinued marketing the K750i model in India. It’s listed under it’s India column in the official website, but the shopkeepers say that it has been discontinued. Please help me.

  2. Jack of Diamonds
    November 25th, 2011 at 04:47 | #2

    The shortcut key is still around, but on most phones that are branded to a certain carrier it has been disabled and changed into a link to the online browser.

    For example, the w810i unbranded has a shortcut menu key on the right hand side of the phone then when branded, it leads to the internet browser. The k790a/k800i / k810i also has this shortcut key, located in the same spot as the k750i, and same with the k850i.

    You can still change it so that you can make the shortcut menu have a link to the recording function. Just note that sometimes with branded phones the key is modified to do something else.

    If you’re talking about the right / left / up / down being shortcuts, that’s still around on every phone, branded or not.
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