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Getting the Latest O2 Mobile Phones

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In the United Kingdom, 02 has already been established as one of the leaders in the mobile phone industry since 2001. At the present, O2 has made a mark in this field by manufacturing their series of stylish and smart XDA phones. Also, o2 mobile, a division of the O2 group that operates across Europe, provides wireless services for businesses and individuals. O2 provides subscription plans and affordable mobile phone packages in the UK.

Here are some interesting statistics about mobile phone usage in the United Kingdom from the recent years that you may want to know. According to a 2003 report by O2, the telecommunications and mobile phone industry has made a great impact on the economy of the UK. Within that year, over £22 billion was added by mobiles to the gross domestic product of the country. As of 2004, O2 has been included within the top 10 mobile service providers in Europe, with more than 13.6 million o2 mobile phonessubscribers.

To date, O2 provides mobile phone services with affordable rates as well as a wide range of nifty and stylish handset models to choose from. Some of their best selling mobile phone brands are the Nokia N95, LG Viewty, and several models of Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot digital camera phones like the K850. Models from Samsung are also top picks, as well as the Walkman phones offered by Sony Ericsson. Every purchase of O2 mobile phones gives the consumer the privilege of availing of convenient O2 mobile services online and wherever they go.

One of the top rated phones manufactured by O2 is the O2 XDA Stellar, which has 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, as well as Wi-Fi among many excellent features. Other best selling models are the O2 XDA Argon and O2 XDA Orbit. The newest XDA phones are installed with Windows Mobile 6.0 as the operating system, so internet access as well as document viewing for spreadsheets, word files, PDF docs, and power point presentations can be a breeze.

O2 has affordable mobile phone subscription plans for individuals as well as businesses. You can choose from their tariffs with reasonable rates inclusive of free minutes for voice calls and text messages. You may also select services with voicemail and mobile internet access as you wish.

You can get downloads for music, games, applications, as well as updates on news and sports from O2 straight to your mobile phone. Most mobile phones from O2 can also be bought online. If you run out of credits for calls or text messages, you can also top up from their website. Plus, O2 provides excellent customer services for their clients, including insurance for lost or damaged phones, as well as a branch locator to help interested buyers.

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