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Virgin Lobster 700tv : the Fight for the Remote Control is Over

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As we move towards the future, there are only a few gizmos that can truly be called futuristic. Much has been talked about ‘digital convergence’ and how digital cameras and internet functions are now a mobile phone stronghold. But among the much hyped mobile phone’s direct competition with digital cameras or Mp3 players, Virgin has decided to compete with an adversary whose presence and importance in our daily lives s much more than digital camera and mp3 players combined.

With the launch of Virgin Lobster 700TV, its manufacturers have declared a war against the TV. Nothing can beat the convenience of a portable TV that fits into the pocket. But this seemed like a distant dream as even in 3G network, TV on mobile phone is largely a frame by frame affair – something that can not be regarded as ‘moving images’. Inclusion of Digital Audio Broadcasting Internet Protocol or DAB-IP in the Virgin Lobster 700TV have made this feat possible.

Importantly, the Virgin Lobster 700TV doesn’t need any 3G network to play TV on it. Watch your favourite news, sports and entertainment channels on the 2.2 inch high definition display. The Virgin Lobster 700TV allows you to listen to digital radio as well from all the top broadcasters. The handset designing is as unique as the handset’s features, making the Virgin Lobster 700TV easily recognizable from a distance.

Like any other handset with Windows Mobile 5.0 software, the Virgin Lobster 700TV is a master in Internet browsing, email, instant messaging and may such advanced features. The handset also includes a media player and a healthy dose of memory pool of 128 Mb to get you going. Integrated camera module of the Virgin Lobster 700TV is 1.3 megapixel with digital zoom and video recording facilities for instant sharing of moments with friends.

Virgin Lobster 700TV

Camden Glen

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