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Dear Santa . . . the Top Five Little Girl Christmas Gifts of 2008

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Don’t know what to get your little princess this year? Well, step back, take a deep breath and look no further. From grow with me gifts to dazzle me delights, we have everything you need to wow your favorite little someone. So what gifts topped our best of the best list for 2008? Read on to find out.

1.      Fur Real Biscuit My Loving Pup

Ideal for the animal lover, Biscuit is sure to capture every little girl’s heart with his tricks. He will follow voice commands and wag his tail, or even nod his head to let you know he wants his bone. This is the perfect gift particularly for children with allergies or asthma who cannot have a real pet. And you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after it.

2.      Hannah Montana Malibu Beach House

The dollhouse dream of any little Hannah Montana fan, this dollhouse – from looks to layout – hops straight from the screen and into real life. With over 75 cool accessories, including Hannah’s porch swing, this exact replica of Hannah’s beach house will bring to life her favorite TV show. Your little one can have misadventures with her best gal pal Lily or dress up in high fashion right before stepping on a plane for the big stage.

3.      Pink Coral DS and Super Princess Peach Bundle

The ideal starter set for your little girl gamer, the Princess Peach DS bundle is bound to be a quick favorite both on the go and on the sofa. Enchant your little princess as she joins Princess Peach as she fights her way through eight different worlds to save Mario from Bowser. The touch screen will empower her to tap into Princess Peach’s special powers and allow her to become invincible. Not only does the gift entertain your little one but it also allows you to have some free time to relax or catch up on your chores.

4.      iCarly Digital Video Camera

iCarly fans now have the power to climb inside the screen to create a show all their own. With the iCarly Digital Video Camera, kids can create videos and web-isodes and send them to their friends or simply make home videos to share with mom and dad. A Digital Diary and video editing software are part of the bundle, allowing you to enhance your video with special effects and add title and credits just like a real producer! You can even share your videos with an easy upload on iCarly.com.

5.      Dream Town Sweet Lily Castle

Allow your favorite princess some moments to imagine in fairytale style. With the Dream Town Sweet Lily Castle, she can be imagine herself being Cinderella waiting for her prince charming or she can simply create a fairytale of  her own. She can also buy a variety of complementary add-ons for the playhouse. From washing machines to vanities and even dresses for the perfect princess, this Christmas gift is sure to please and surprise her and make her holiday end in happily ever after.

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Paul Pang

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