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Olevia HDTV Is The New Kid On The Block

Olevia HDTV is the new kid on the block when it comes to high definition televisions. But Olevia is that popular new kid – the one everybody at school thinks is cool.

The Company Behind Olevia HDTV

The Olevia HDTV brands are owned by the Syntaxbrillian Corporation, which was formed on November 30, 2005. The company was a merger of Syntax, which started shipping wide screen LCD HDTV sets in 2004, and Billian Corporation, which produced a product listed as PC Magazine’s “best rear projection TV” in the magazine’s 2005 holiday gift guide.

The company also owns the Vivitar digital still and video camera brand. If you’re an investor who thinks Syntaxbrillian might be a good buy, recent shares sold at $3.83 per share on the NASDAQ Exchange. According to information publicly available to potential investors, 2008 revenues are expected to be between $650 million and $685 million.

Top Rated Olevia HDTVs

The 27 inch Olevia 227-S11 HDTV widescreen HDTV has amazon’s highest rating: five stars. Four customers gave this Olevia HDTV a five-star rating, and one gave it a four-star rating.

Charlesn of New York wrote that this set has the highest quality to price ratio on the market. On the downside, Charlesn also wrote that technical support for this model was basically non-existent.

W.W. from Bellevue, Washington, disagreed with Charlesn about Olevia customer service. He had screen problems after about six months with his Olevia HDTV after the video processor blew out. He wrote that Olevia “quickly replaced the blown unit without any obstacles or issues.”

Drew from Boston, Massachusetts, wrote, “This is a great TV.” He especially liked the value of the Olevia HDTV and wrote that “the price I got it for just blew all others out of the water.”

The Olevia HDTV with the most customer reviews on amazon is the Syntax Olevia HDTV model no.LT30HV, a 30 inch HD-ready flat panel LCD TV.

Gadgester, of New York, pronounced Olevia a “great entry-level LCD TV.” C. Tizano, of Los Angeles, California, compared the brightness and contrast specifications of the Olevia HDTV to the specs for models in the $2,500 to $3,500 price range. That is high praise for an HDTV that sells for about $650.

The Syntax Olevia 242V 42″ LCD HDTV is another top-rated Olevia HDTV model. Badger, of Wisconsin, wrote that he had never written a product review before, but he was so impressed by the spectacular picture on his new set, he was breaking out of his shell to write a review.

With these impressive reviews, the new kid on the block is sure to be around for awhile.

Michael Hehn

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