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Shoot It…with Nokia N93i

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The Nokia N93i phone has carved a niche in the mobile market. Its worth is heuristically determined. The handset commands a rare operating mechanism. It opens like a regular clamshell, however, the screen segment swivels to initiate the camera mode.

The Nokia N93i phone is available in a choice of three colours. These are silver, black, and burgundy. Colour options extend the use of a phone to people with different needs. Silver accords grace, black power, and burgundy vivacity. The handset is a masterpiece as each feature is conducive to the operations of another. Dedicated to imaging, the phone trots out a plethora of related features.

The Nokia N93i has a 3.2 mega pixel camera. It possesses a 3x optical zoom lens and a 20x digital zooming technology. What is the difference? Well, optical zoom can be used to magnify the size of an object, or, to accentuate a certain part of it. Digital zoom manipulates/decreases the viewing angle of a scene or an image. In the layman’s language, this technology helps magnify the quality of an image by maintaining its size : resolution ratio as in the original scene.

Scene Settings help users to switch to a mode best suited for a picture. For instance, night mode for images shot in the dark. The in-built Video Recorder captures thirty frames per second. This determines the quality and density of video sequences. With Adobe Premiere Elements you would be just an echelon below, say, a professional outdoor photographer. This feature is a moderate version of the software used to edit professional pictures. Yet, it bears the potential to make you the top notch wildlife photographer of tomorrow.

The Nokia N93i is one phone that is smart to the core. It wields the 3G technology. It hosts multiple modes of messaging, music, and entertainment. It commands proficient connectivity and facilitates operations apropos internet.

The Nokia N93i is first and foremost a camera phone. The fact that it compromises no other aspect, proves that it is an all-rounder.

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