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Nokia 7373 – Bewitching Beauty!

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Nokia 7373 is a stunning phone that has been crafted to appease the aesthetic sensibilities of the onlookers. The mobile is a part of the highly acclaimed L’Amour series and has been at the top of the shopping list for many fashion aficionado. The phone comes with 2Megapixels camera, triband and supports EDGE data networks. It also comes with an expandable memory slot.

Being a fashion centric mobile, the Nokia 7373 displays unique style and design. It comes with a smooth swivel mechanism and consists of motifs that are rare and mystical. The exterior of the Nokia 7373 is marked with elaborate tribal art theme and consists of patterns of swirls and waves. These exude an ethnic charm and raises the status of Nokia 7373 to some artist’s passionate creation. When the handset is in a closed position, much of Nokia 7373‘s exterior is occupied with its large screen. The display is impressive and has the capability to display up to 262K colours.

Nokia 7373 is a compact and stylish device. It measures only 88mm x 43mm x 23mm (3.5″ x 1.7″ x .9″) and weighs about 104g (3.7oz). The small size comfortably fits into the delicate hands of the ladies or can be easily slipped into their small purses. Not to forget to mention, the small and compact size also compliments the tender persona of the ladies.

Nokia 7373 does not really make that big an impression when it comes to features though. Yet, this fashion mobile accommodates much of the contemporary requirements to provide an enhanced mobile experience to its users. The 2 Megapixels camera comes with 8x digital zoom and is capable of recording video clips with two different kinds of resolutions- either 176×144 or 128×96. Further, there is a music player (with track lists and equalizer) and FM radio.

The Nokia 7373 uses the 3rd edition of the S40 interface. The call reception, voice quality and battery life are excellent, and the phone includes 7 profile to choose from. Nokia 7373 takes good care of the connectivity as well. It is empowered with the versatility of EDGE, GPRS, Bluetooth and USB.

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