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LG GD510 Pop – Innovative Mobile Phone

LG Electronics, the most innovative & global leader in delivering top class electronic products, unveiled a new mobile phone “GD510 Pop”. According to them,”This is more compact & versatile 3-inches WQVGA touchscreen phone that ever made before.”  LG GD510 is designed & prepared for the people who are more enthusiastic & expect more from their handset. In short, this is one of the simplest touchscreen phone for which we are waiting from long time.

For instance, LG Cookie is one of the most popular and affordable full touchscreen phone that has already sold 7 millions sets over the globe and story still continues. It got lots of appreciation and positive feedback and now they are trying to build something more advanced in compact size which results LG GD510 Pop.

The phone is figure out after taking the suggestions and expectations of users during consumer research. They found that most of the touchscreen phones are too costly due to unnecessary features & applications and it is been well implemented in new LG GD510 mobile. The outer casing of GD510 is superbly designed by brushed aluminum material to provide high-end & eye-catchy look.

A 3.2 megapixel camera is well incorporated in LG GD510, which is an essential feature now-a-days. With the help of this integrated high resolution camera feature, user can take snaps & develop video clips whenever they want without carrying bulky digital cameras. Both, audio & video players are included in the phone and they support most of the popular file formats. Enjoy full length movies on its large screen having resolution 240 x 400 pixels. According to the president of LG electronics, “LG GD510 pop is well optimized by latest features which allows us to concentrate on developing the phone more simple & compact to use.”

Desktop customization is one the best feature which they bring in this new LG mobile phone that allows the user to put useful applications always on its screen. GD510 is also included with accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate. Apart from these simple features, it has been included with Bluetooth and USB port, which enables its user to share resources at much greater speed. Enjoy your favourite tracks over radio channels, since this LG mobile comes with stereo FM radio.

One of the remarkable features which user can get is solar charging panel that will replace battery cover and used to charge LG GD510 mobile when there is no electricity. So, it’s been easy to charge our mobile phone by both electricity & natural sun light or solar energy.

Internet browsing is another good feature which user can use to check mails & downloading stuffs. Downloading stuffs on phone requires lots of space therefore LG electronics provide ample of space for storing files. Up to 16GB of storing capacity in compact size makes it more popular mobile phone over the market.

LG GD510 is expected to arrive in next month at much or lower price contract deals on various online mobile shops of UK. Stay connected with any of the popular contract phone shop to know more about this phone and available pay monthly deals.

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