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Master the Digital Infrared Photography Using Your Digital Slr Nikon

January 18th, 2012 No comments

Nikon D70 SLR ideally suits Digital Infrared Photography because of the power that its settings deliver. Next I will show you the camera settings that I use in taking digital infrared photos, thus helping you to get best results out of the Nikon digital SLR. Firstly, you should get a tripod, which is necessary for taking perfect infrared photos, and then choose an infrared filter that you desire – I personally prefer Hoya R72. Then, spend a little time in planning the digital infrared photograph. This will help to eliminate some uncertainties that digital infrared photography brings, that can result in just a photo which is OK, instead of a WOW!! photo. Just like always, there isnt a right way in achieving the results. However, these steps brought me the most success, using the D70 until now.

Type of image: I prefer shooting in RAW mode for the digital infrared photography. Even though Nikons native format NEF is very versatile, it don’t stand up to the quality that RAW mode gives, so any imperfections can just be edited using software like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro.

ISO: Very Good results could be achieved when increasing ISO settings, however, the best results I got were with ISO 200. Otherwise, noise is too great that is my opinion at least. Also, I do a good amount of post processing using Photoshop, so the noise becomes a problem while working at high magnifications. Keep in mind that, unlike the infrared film, where graininess is an important part for the feel and look of the image, the digital infrared noise or “grain” really degrades the image. However, if you need to add an effect of grainy film, you should do this using Photoshop, or using other package.

White Balance: From my experience, setting custom white balance represents a key in GOOD Digital Infrared Photography using Nikon d70. Using a filter which blocks most of the “regular” light, then the camera’s inner white balancing mechanism cant give you an accurate measurement for colour temperature of the environment. Because foliage reflects the IR light, by making it the brightest, the whitest part from your photo, in this case you will need to “calibrate” the D70 in order to let him know visible light green equals infrared white. A couple of ways exists for doing this.

First: The simplest method for white balance is opening the menu of the D70, then to use the control button to get to the setting for white balance, and then change this to +3 fluorescent. Because in infrared photography, most likely you will be shooting under bright sunlight using a “red” filter, if you add some false color correction, this gives your IR image more “punch.” Also, I have found that the incandescent setting also works.

Second: Other way to adjust the white balance for your digital infrared photography using Nikon D70 is by taking a photo to green grass in full sun at midday. But, try and photograph only the grass – no trees, no feet, no sky. Simply point the camera towards the grass by looking at it straight down, then click! After this, in the menu, you will set white balance using this photo. Hence, go to the menu, and select the white balance, then preset then use photo then select image and then use the control dial for navigating at the image with the grass. The menu should say now “this image > set.” And now you are ready for shooting infrared!

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Top Kodak Digital Camera

July 29th, 2011 No comments

There are so most digital cameras on the market place now. Most even present the similar or comparable characteristics, but does size play a factor A lot of many people want a smaller camera that they can take with them everywhere. Ultra Compact digital cameras make this attainable. These tiny cameras can conveniently be slipped into a purse or pocket so you can take photos where ever you are. Here are some really good ultra compact digital cameras.

HP Photosmart R937

This is a really good small camera that users rated 5 out of 5 stars. It has 8 megapixels for high resolution photos, and it characteristics 3x optical zoom as effectively as 8x digital zoom. It has a three.five LCD with a touchscreen. You can also edit your pictures ideal on the camera. It has technologies that minimizes hand shake and is also PictBridge compatible. There are 13 numerous picture modes along with a movie mode. It has a spot for SD cards and also has 32 MB of memory. This is a really good ultra compact digital camera and will only expense you about $250.

Canon Powershot SD1000

With 7.1 megapixels this ultra compact digital camera provides you the high resolution of a bigger camera in a sleek style. It also gives 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. It has an optical zoom viewfinder as effectively as a two.five color LCD. It is PictBridge compatible and has 17 shooting modes as effectively as 7 white balance modes. The Canon Powershot SD1000 also provides you five movie modes with sound for the ultimate versatility. You have your selection of working with SD or MMC cards. This really good ultra compact digital camera retails for about $180.

FujiFilm FinPix Z10FD

The FujiFilm FinPix Z10FD is an up to date camera that conveniently fits into a technologies savvy users life. It is rated 5 out of 5 stars by shoppers. There are two movie modes with sound, 6 white balance modes, and 18 numerous shooting modes. It has a two.five color LCD for very easy viewing and auto and macro focus. It also has a weblog mode so that you can upload your photos for fast and very easy sharing with pals and household. You have image storage solutions with 54MB of internal memory and the selection of working with an SD card, SDHC cards, or xD Picture cards. This ultra compact digital camera comes in a lot of colors and will only set you back about $140.

10 Compact Digital Cameras

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Cameras now are a streamlined version of their forerunners. Cameras of yesterday had been sizeable and clunky. Cameras now can be so smaller you can fit them on your keychain. Most wonder if you can get high-quality excellent in such a smaller camera, and the answer is yes. Here are a couple of of the most desirable compact digital camera possibilities.

Canon Powershot A720

This is 1 of the most desirable compact digital cameras and scores a 5 out of 5 stars in user ratings. Loaded with characteristics it has 6x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. It has 8 megapixels that enable you to print really good photos as sizeable as 11 x 14. It has a two.five color LCD so that you can view your pictures ideal away. The optical image stabilizer reduces hand shake and the face detection feature assists you get the excellent shot every single time. It has a lot of focus modes that lets you focus on objects as close as .39 of an inch! It is PictBridge compatible so that you can print your photos without having working with your computer system. It has 8 white balance modes and 19 shooting modes, as effectively as four numerous movie modes. You have the selection of working with SD or MMC cards to shop your images. Overall, this is a really good compact camera with tons of really good characteristics. It is a really good deal for only about $230.

HP Photosmart R847V

One other 1 of the most desirable compact digital cameras out there is the HP Photosmart R847V. It also gets 5 out of 5 stars. It boasts 8 megapixels for really good resolution and has an anti shake feature so your photos are not blurry. It has a Fujinon lens that provides you 3x optical zoom and 8x digital zoom. For a compact digital camera it provides you a tremendous three color LCD screen. It is also PictBridge compatible and makes it possible for you to focus as close as .10 of an inch. It has 13 numerous picture modes as effectively as a movie mode. You have the selection of working with SD or SDHC memory cards. It has a really good in-camera editing program so that you can boost your photos ideal on the camera. What makes this 1 of the most desirable compact digital cameras is not only the spectacular characteristics, but also the spectacular cost. This really good camera expenses only about $150.

Xias DCS760

This camera is produced by Norcent and is rated exceptionally extremely as 1 of the most desirable compact digital cameras. Users give this camera 5 out of 5 stars. It has a fantastic sleek style and gives 7 megapixels for high resolution. There is 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. The two.five color LCD lets you see all those really good photos quickly. It has 15 picture taking modes as effectively as a movie mode for higher versatility. It also has sound and a built in flash. An added bonus is that it comes with a case, a hand strap, and USB cables. This really good compact digital camera is listed at $200.