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Learn Digital Photography – How to Become a Good Wedding Photographer

January 29th, 2012 No comments

As you can see, wedding marks anew chapter in a couples life and many are happy to hire a professional wedding photographer to capture the moments on photographs. How can you be good in wedding photography then?

1. Enthusiast or professional

Since you are building your career as a professional photographer, you are different from the photography enthusiast. You are supposed to see the best side of the couple and capture the essence of the couple without them posing for you.

As a professional wedding photographer, you too are supposed to be well prepared for the ceremony. You ought to bring enough memory sticks and battery packs. Telling the couple that you forgot your equipments is not a good reason especially when your reputation is on the line.

2. Equipments

Imagine your photographer carrying a compact digital camera during your wedding and told you that he is there for the job. He doesn’t sound convincing. Does he?

So, having a DSLR camera does help to improve your image as a wedding photographer. Remember, you are a professional instead of a photography enthusiast. So, be professional and invest into something professional.

3. Black and white

Some thought that black and white photography is outdated but little do they know that black and white makes marvelous wedding pictures. Some photographers even belief that black and white wedding pictures are more classical and more long lasting.

So, when you are involve in wedding photography, give black and white a chance and have a look into it. You can show the couple some of your pictures in color and monotone. Let them make their decision. After all it is their wedding and not yours.

4. Your personality

As a professional photographer, you are supposed to provide your professional point of view to the couple instead of shoving what you like down the couple’s throat. You might be a fanatic for black and white photography but the couple might feel that wedding is supposed to be colorful. You will spoil the couple’s mood when you insisted on your way.

So, before you start the job, have a short discussion with them. Let the couple know what a person you are and at the same time you can ask them what they are looking for in the wedding pictures. Once the mutual understanding has been established, satisfying the clients and your need will be easy.

michael wong

Should I Specialize My Photography Business?

October 21st, 2011 No comments

Starting a photography business always comes with some planning. An important part of that planning is what kind of photography should you specialize in?:

– wedding photography
– pet photography
– portrait photography
– fashion photography
– advertising photography
– newspaper photography

The choice is endless. Identify your photography category passion. This is a good start to knowing what photography mode to slip into. Here are some things to think about:

– What do you enjoy photographing the most?
– What are you good at?
– Where will the money come from?

Making some good choices in photography might be enhanced with thes few tips.

Planning your Business Strategies

Think of it this way. You never go to the airport when you want top go on a vacation and say sned me somewhere for my holiday. You can plan where the destination will be, your starting point, and any stops along the way.

Too many photographers think it is as simple as printing business cards and building a website. It is not. Focusing too much on displaying your work may not (in the end) bring in the quality and quantity of customers you need.

Sit down and write a business plan include your goals and a plan to achieve them. You photogoraphy business plan should include your financials, your marketing intentions, and any direct selling strategies. Your goals should be evident in your business plan so that someone can read it and see what you’re planning to do, how you’ll do it, medium and long term.

There are even specialists who can help with a business plan. Notice I said specialists – seminars, workshops, and consultants.

Get Professional Help

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t force yoourself to attempt the weak areas yourself, think carefully about hiring someone. If you can’t come to grips with the financials for instance – then hire an accountant. Sure it will cost you more but how much will it cost you if you get it wrong? If you are worried about a lack of skills in any one arear, get a ‘subby’ (sub-contractor).

You can always learn the skills yourself, but it may not be worth it for the cost of hiring someone on a project basis. And, in the new age of the Internet, there is always the option of virtual assistants who can do all manner of tasks to help ease the burden of running a photography business.

Billy Baker

Find Out the Latest Trend in Wedding Photography

October 10th, 2011 No comments


The newest trend in wedding photography is online photography galleries of your wedding.  The reason these photography galleries are becoming so popular is because of the simplicity of them.  Never heard of an online photography gallery for your wedding?  It works like this: after your wedding, your photographer will give you a website to go to with a password and login name.  You will be able to access all of your wedding photos on this website.  You will then be able to hand out the login and password on your wedding photography gallery to all your friends and family, so they can pick the photos they want.  This takes the work of the bride to a minimum.  All she needs to do is send out a link to the photography gallery for her wedding with the sign in information in a bulk email and her work is done.  All she has to do is choose photos for her album and individual pictures she wants.


Often in wedding photography galleries, the order information will be listed somewhere on the site and orders can be taken right online, without having to stress the newlyweds over how much what size photo costs and how to order it.  It’s a great way for friends and family to get the photos they want in a timely manner.  Keep in mind, though, that most of these photography galleries are only online for a limited time, so make sure your photographer is willing to give you a disc or hard proofs of your photos after that time or you may lose them.


While there are plenty of pros to choosing photography galleries for your wedding, there can be many cons as well.  Many people like to have their proofs to look at.  Often, people feel that a proof serves as a better representation of how the photo will actually look when you receive it.  Having proofs in a photography gallery is an efficient way to utilize easy access and convenience, but it also misleads some people as to how the photos will actually look.  Since most photographers work with digital cameras, however, it’s usually a pretty good chance that the photos will be sharp and crisp.


Another type of photography gallery that is commonly being used in weddings now is a running slideshow, or photo montage of the couple in all stages of life.  Usually, the photo gallery will be put to music and it is the DJ’s responsibility to put those together.  These types of photo galleries can be a lot of fun for the guests and are usually shown just before dinner is served. 


While the timing of your photo gallery or photo montage is up to you, these can offer a valuable insight into what type of families you and your new spouse have, what your interests are and how you two are as a couple.  Do you travel?  Have you been to some really fun, fabulous events that you want all your wedding guests to know about?  Then a photography gallery for your wedding is the way to go. 


You can put it against all kinds of music, but try to choose your favorite songs, as well as some music that most of your guests will enjoy, as well.


Jane Anthony

Recherche Photography

September 18th, 2011 No comments

Recherche Photography

Rare, Refined, Romantic. Not your everyday Wedding Photography.

Open the door…to a lifetime’s worth of memory and meaning. As rare, refined and romantic as its discriminating clientele, Recherche Photography is no ordinary photography studio. Born from ideals of beauty and balance, it is a business that revolves around the unique beauty of its treasured clients. It is a Bohemian boutique that invites you to relax, dream, and escape from the daily grind. And it is a one-of-a-kind experience that will transform your landmark celebration into lasting, heirloom-quality memories fit for generations to come.

The staff of Recherche Photography have come together to create a personalized, intimate environment that is truly a feast for the senses. From your initial consultation to the arrival of your impeccably-packaged photographs, you will be treated with care and consummate professionalism every step of the way. It’s a standard that shows in every frame.

From one-of-a-kind keepsakes in its boutique to unforgettable mementos of life’s passages, Recherche Photography is your uniquely sophisticated urban retreat. Your life contains moments of exquisite beauty and extraordinary meaning and your engagement and wedding are just the beginning of a life-long love affair.

Fall in love with Recherche Photography…why entrust your precious memories to just any photographer?

A Wedding vendor should realize that your wedding is not a cookie-cutter process. They should custom tailor all packages to each client. However Recherche Photography notices that most brides fit fairly well into one of four categories. No matter if you get married in Denver Colorado, to Europe or Nationally as a Destination wedding, Recherche Photography has a wedding package for you. Which one are you?

1) The Minimalist

You’re The Minimalist. Simplicity is your middle name – from the sleek lines of an iPod to the pleasures of a perfectly cut white shirt, your personal style is easy and unadorned. Detail-oriented and down-to-earth, you bring order to all around you. The sounding board for friends and the go-to-girl at work, you’re capable, rational, and precise. But don’t sell yourself short – you radiate true beauty through straightforward communication and a soothing demeanor. There’s nothing pared-down about your passion for detail or your love of real honest living.

Crave: A class in Zen flower arrangement, a stack of plain silver bracelets, an iPhone

Avoid: Oversized baubles, multi-course meals, vanity plates

2)The Sensualist

You’re The Sensualist! Sexy and seductive, you’re governed by the five senses, which you shamelessly indulge with extravagant sights, luscious textures, and romantic meals. You’re at your peak when indulging in a decadent meal, sharing a passionate embrace, or blessing out in a tub spiked with exotic oils. More champagne and truffles than tea and scones, you bring a sense of luxury and passion to everything you do. From your fabulously overdone signature to your penchant for drama, you don’t believe in half measures.

Crave: A Mediterranean wine cruise, a full-body massage, a seductive flacon of hand-mixed perfume

Avoid: Stainless steel, low-fat anything, torturous Spin classes

3)The Organic

You’re The Organic! Your home is the true center of your life, and you decorate it with a flea-market sensibility and sustainable style. Obsessed with comfort and ease, you’re more likely to opt for a midnight hike than a crowded bar. You’re the person who brings incredible homemade cookies to a friend in distress and serves the perfect cup of tea in a fabulous vintage mug. From your eclectic personal style to your open, giving nature, you’re the personification of honest ease.

Crave: Fair-trade dark chocolate, a weekend in the mountains, a treasure-finding trip to your favorite vintage boutique

Avoid: Stinky subways, traffic, uncomfortable high heels

4)The Sophisticate

You’re The Sophisticate! Fashion is your middle name, and urbane luxury is your game. A world traveler, you can hold your own in a boardroom or a boutique. Your fresh, fun approach to life means that you infuse some oomph in everything you pursue. From updating a classic cashmere sweater with a hyper-modern piece of jewelry to surprising a friend with a perfectly-arranged bouquet of her favorite flower, you’re classy and sassy.

Crave: Plane tickets to New York or Berlin, season passes to your city’s most cutting-edge museum, a box of over-the-top cupcakes

Avoid: Boring take-out dinners, sports bars, people who don’t write thank-you notes

Try the quiz online to see what you are:

Recherche Photography