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Virgin Lobster 700tv : the Fight for the Remote Control is Over

November 14th, 2011 No comments

As we move towards the future, there are only a few gizmos that can truly be called futuristic. Much has been talked about ‘digital convergence’ and how digital cameras and internet functions are now a mobile phone stronghold. But among the much hyped mobile phone’s direct competition with digital cameras or Mp3 players, Virgin has decided to compete with an adversary whose presence and importance in our daily lives s much more than digital camera and mp3 players combined.

With the launch of Virgin Lobster 700TV, its manufacturers have declared a war against the TV. Nothing can beat the convenience of a portable TV that fits into the pocket. But this seemed like a distant dream as even in 3G network, TV on mobile phone is largely a frame by frame affair – something that can not be regarded as ‘moving images’. Inclusion of Digital Audio Broadcasting Internet Protocol or DAB-IP in the Virgin Lobster 700TV have made this feat possible.

Importantly, the Virgin Lobster 700TV doesn’t need any 3G network to play TV on it. Watch your favourite news, sports and entertainment channels on the 2.2 inch high definition display. The Virgin Lobster 700TV allows you to listen to digital radio as well from all the top broadcasters. The handset designing is as unique as the handset’s features, making the Virgin Lobster 700TV easily recognizable from a distance.

Like any other handset with Windows Mobile 5.0 software, the Virgin Lobster 700TV is a master in Internet browsing, email, instant messaging and may such advanced features. The handset also includes a media player and a healthy dose of memory pool of 128 Mb to get you going. Integrated camera module of the Virgin Lobster 700TV is 1.3 megapixel with digital zoom and video recording facilities for instant sharing of moments with friends.

Virgin Lobster 700TV

Camden Glen

Sony Ericsson Z610i: 3G in a Stylish Way

October 28th, 2011 4 comments

Leaving behind the ‘serious’ looks rampant with today’s 3G smartphones, Sony Ericsson have came up with a petite looking clamshell that is fully packed with 3G mobile technology. The Sony Ericsson Z610i have set new standard in mobile phone design. The smooth glossy texture of the handset has a nice feel to it. The external OLED monochrome display is cleverly hidden by mirror effect and does not give away its presence till you receive a call or text.

Internal screen of the Sony Ericsson Z610i is 176 x 220 pixel, TFT that delivers more than 262k accurate and vibrant colours. The display is the perfect viewfinder for the primary camera and also produces high definition images while on video calls. The keys are well differentiated so number of wrong presses can be kept to a bare minimum.

The Sony Ericsson Z610i is endowed with a 2.0 megapixel camera. A secondary VGA camera is located on the top of the primary display so that you can make video calls across UMTS networks. The camera includes basic features like digital zoom and video recording but lacks flash and auto-focus. However, there are many fun features like Picture Blogging, clubbed with the integrated camera to keep you engrossed.

Other than UMTS, the Sony Ericsson Z610i supports triband GSM mobile network and automatically changes band. This makes the handset functional across five continents. Enjoy download speed of broadband through 3G network other than GPRS. Easy surfing through the built in NetFront browser of the Sony Ericsson Z610i makes it easier to search and download all your favourite contents directly to the device. The phone’s internal memory is about 16 Mb and it supports external memory cards. Bluetooth and USB connectivity of the device is ideal for quick exchange and synchronization of information.

The Sony Ericsson Z610i is surely a novel way to say hello to 3G.

Bradley Ben

Samsung E370: Get it Through Top Deals and Enjoy Astonishing Features

September 27th, 2011 No comments

Samsung E 370 is a tri-band handset with a 1.3 .mega pixel camera. The other features include video recording, FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and MP 3. You can also avail the facility of wireless technology 2.0 and USB 1.1 to transfer photos. The same you can do with data and ring tones as well. As far as memory is considered, it contains 40 MB of internal memory in which you can store plenty of data.

It is a black design; round shaped mobile phone measuring 86 x 43.1 x 20.3 mm. It comes in different colours, so you have a choice of choosing it from different range of colours.

If you are a music lover then it can prove to be the best mobile phone for you. You can listen to your favourite songs in MP 3, AAC or AAC+ format .You can avail terrific audio qualities which will be pleasant for your ears. There are 40 polyphonic ring tones which will give you an enjoyment of listening to variety of melodies.

You can take quality pictures and record quality video clips with the Samsung E370. The features of 5x digital zoom and 1.3 mega pixel of camera will allow you to have astonishing snapshots and better video clips.

As far as the E370 deals are concerned O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-mobile allows you to seek top deals where you can get Samsung E370 absolutely free. Here the monthly rental varies from £25 to £75.On the other hand it has a good number of minutes and texts. You can have the free line rental or some amount cash back as a free incentive with these deals. In some of the deals you can also avail the Bluetooth headset absolutely free.

It is difficult to have such deals where you can get plenty of free gifts, minutes and texts.

So, grab the opportunity and avail Samsung E370 which is just in front of you, because missing such an opportunity will not be a wise move.

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Nokia N 93: Like Multimedia Computer-have It Through Top Deals

September 21st, 2011 No comments

Nokia N 93 can be said as an ultimate multimedia handset. This set is of 3.2 mega pixel camera with car Zeiss optics. It also consists of 3X optical zoom and DVD like video capture (640 x 480 pixels at 30 fps) with digital image stabilisation. It also has a superb video recording quality which is just like the quality of a DVD. It has a 50 MB of internal memory which can be extended up to 2 GB with the miniSD card. This can allow you to watch 90 minutes of video or it can allow you with 2500 high quality of photos.

Apart from that it has a weight of meagre 180 gram and the dimension of 118.2 x 55.5 x 28.2 mm which is good enough to carry with you. It also has an advanced feature of push to talk.

There are top Nokia n93 deals and Nokia n93 contracts which offers you Nokia n93 at a reasonable price. There are good tariff plans on Nokia n93 on O2 in which the line rental ranges from £25 to £40 where you will be getting the mobile phone on reasonable cost with other incentives as well. The incentive can be free insurance for 1 or 3 months. In some of the deals you will be getting free accessories too.

On the other hand you can also get good tariff plans with Nokia n93 on Vodafone where you get 1 or 3 months of insurance as an incentive. Here too you can get the mobile phone at very reasonable rate. The line rental in case of Vodafone varies from £20 to £35.
View your picture and video gallery in brilliant colour on the impressive 2.4″ display. Connect your Nokia N93 to a compatible TV using direct TV out connectivity or via Wireless LAN and UPnP technology, for a truly big screen experience. With the use of the Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 editing software, you can cut, merge and add effects to your videos, creating home movies with ease. For the perfect ambience, dim the lights, grab the popcorn and enjoy the celluloid experience!

No doubt, the deals are good enough where you will be benefited. So, have Nokia n93 with these top deals and enjoy the benefits offered by them. For more infomraion n93 and select according your choice.

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Top Digital Camcorder

July 29th, 2011 No comments

The camcorder has been about for years but only over current years has the digital camcorder entered the market place and supplied shoppers with exciting new opportunities when it comes to recording particular events and occasions. No matter if you are a specialist videographer or a grandparent who desires to have a digital camcorder on hand for when the grandchildren come to check out, there are some factors that you should certainly appear out for when preparing to invest in a new 1. Acquiring a camcorder obtaining guide is not tricky when you have access to the Online but likewise there some warning signs that you should certainly be conscious of ahead of plunking down your funds on a digital camcorder.

Beware of Via the internet Baiting Most many people turn to the Online not only to seek out camcorder obtaining guide resources but to essentially make their purchases. No matter if youre seeking for a Canon, Creative Labs, Flip, Sanyo, Sony or other brand name, there are providers who will show you 1 sort of digital camcorder but attempt to get you to invest in a complete lot of other factors you dont want or have to have. This sort of upselling can be a detriment to your spending budget but also can demand you to invest in beyond your desire.

Invest in a Tripod This is a tool that will drastically increase the excellent of your video recording from the possibility of capturing the most desirable shots without having getting to hold the camcorder to setting up in locations where there is no standing room. As a rule of thumb, your tripod should certainly be able to shoot from no much less than 72 inches high so that you stay clear of capturing factors like the backs of heads in an auditorium.

Leave Digital Stills to Digital Cameras You might possibly be thinking that receiving each characteristics in a digital camcorder like the camcorders on Zwee is the most desirable bet but in actuality digital cameras perform digital stills at a far a great deal more superior level than digital camcorders. A most desirable case scenario for those who are determined to have each characteristics is to go with the camera rather of the camcorder. Digital camcorders are most desirable at recording video.

Take a Recording Ask to accompany the salesperson into the outside light and make a brief recording to test the LCD brightness. An LCD screen that is challenging to see in the sun will be tricky to use. There are sun shade merchandise that can be bought if you have fallen in really like with a certain digital camcorder that doesnt have the most desirable LCD screen for sunlight and outdoor light settings.

Forget about Digital Zoom What digital zoom honestly indicates is that you are achieving an impact that is the equivalent of receiving a preview of blowing up your digital image. There is no superior excellent linked with digital zoom when it comes to the completed item. For this reason, when you are checking out a camcorder obtaining guide, dont let the digital zoom be your deciding factor or think of buying a a great deal more highly-priced digital camcorder just to get the digital zoom.

Get a High-quality Fit No matter if you are buying for your self or a person else, you want to guarantee that your digital camcorder invest in fits the individual. If it is for an elderly individual, can they hold the camcorder steady when recording Are the buttons situated conveniently for the user to access for the duration of filming Does the camcorder fit conveniently into a pocket or purse or is it sizeable sufficient to demand a separate case or travel bag Determining the answers to concerns like these ensures that you wont be back in the returns and exchanges line immediately after your invest in.