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Action Photography

January 8th, 2012 No comments

Of all the kinds and styles of photography being practiced today, sports photography is probably the most exciting—not to mention the most difficult—of all. Since this kind of photography involves so much speed and action, photographing the subjects or players would require more than the usual knack for good angles but also the strength to endure physical limitations during the shoot.

Sports photography usually include shots that are taken during the game or while the subjects are in their respective field. Aiming to “freeze” moments during the actual event, sports photographers should be equipped with the right photography equipment, trained with enduring tenacity, and fueled with an overwhelming desire to capture each moment and emotion at their best.


The best thing about sports photography is that the photographer can freeze a single moment that contains pure and raw emotion and share it with the public in print. If you’re into photography and quite interested in taking adrenaline-pumping shots, you should familiarize yourself with different kinds of sports first. Since each sport varies, the styles and techniques used in capturing and freezing each moment also vary.

If you are already in the field taking photos, it is a must that you have a brief background about the sport you are covering. Knowledge in the fundamentals of coaching style, sport rules, and players will help you identify their most interesting angles. It is also a must to identify your “safety” (a shot that is easy to shoot and can be published if you don’t get good photos all throughout).

Here are some basic sports photography guidelines fit for common sports:

1. Baseball. Most seasoned sports photographers would agree that baseball is one sport that is hardest to shoot because of its unpredictability. Make sure that you get your safety first before getting experimental shots.

2. Basketball. Unlike baseball, this is the easiest sport to shoot because you only have to focus on two subjects: the player who handles the ball and the net. But its simplicity limits you to different angles, so make sure you get plenty of shots to choose from.

3. Football. This is another easy sport to shoot but it is considered as the most equipment intense sports because it would require waiting for the perfect shot. Although it’s easy to get safeties, it’s still up to you to produce action shots that would be a stand up.

4. Soccer and Hockey. Because of the speed and sudden movements involved in these sports, auto focus cameras are recommended.

5. Volleyball. Although it is one of the rarely covered sports events, volleyball is also one of favorites because dramatic shots can be derived all throughout. Since moves in the sports are quite tricky, make sure that you turn your camera’s auto focus on.

6. Golf. It’s hard to shoot photos during the game due to the nature of the game itself. What you can do is to camp at one location and take shots as players pass by or use a cart to follow the individual players.

7. Track and Field. Though access can be limited, this is one sport that is fun to shoot because movements are predictable and easy to shoot. All you need is good timing.

8. Gymnastics and Figure Skating. One basic rule in these sports: NO FLASH. Since they involve individuals performing, the use of flash is restricted because it distracts the players. The major problem you’ll encounter is lighting but this can be solved once the venue is lit up.

9. Motorsports and Racing Events. These are fairly easy to photograph because you can get away with slower lenses. But since you’re far from the track, you need longer lenses for the shoot.

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The Art of Portrait Photography

September 24th, 2011 7 comments

Portrait photography is usually used at functions such as birthdays, graduations and weddings and is used to hang decoratively on the wall in a way to look good and to intrigue people. These prints are normally blown up for a better effect and put in lovely looking frames to make the best of the photos.

As a general rule, portrait photography focuses mostly on the face of the model, but can involve the shoulders and even more of the body if requested from the photography professional. Portrait photography is a great way to capture the mood and emotion of a particular moment and provide great memories that can be remembered and looked at over and over again.

Unlike some of the other types of photography like landscape and wildlife, portrait photography became very popular when the camera was first discovered as people enjoyed taking lots of photos of their family and loved ones. It was a way of remembering and capturing the pure love and emotion of one single moment forever. They could also be hung on the wall in frames or put into photo albums so that other people that were visiting could admire the prints as well. Back in this time, however, the portrait photography was just black and white and not in colour, which is what we have got used to in modern times. However, for a better and more effective style of portrait photography, the photography professional is very often asked to take photos that are in black and white, and these look great when hung on a wall or placed in a photo frame. It is a very effective look, but unfortunately, not as forgiving for errors as colour photos tend to be.

As portrait photography grew more and more popular, the art of taking photos became more individual, leading to photography professionals creating their own personal styles. Different types of photography grew in popularity as well, leading to prints of landscapes and wildlife and other such things to make more modern and stylish wall hangings. People started to desire more dramatic backdrops for their portrait photography, and also different poses as well.

Any photography professional that is any good will know that people have different tastes and different styles and should accommodate for this when taking the photos. They are there to serve the people ordering the prints and should do exactly what is requested from them. Portrait photography has grown massively, and now there is a demand for photos for weddings, new babies, family portraits, graduations and suchlike.

These prints do not have to be massively expensive, but you will have to pay for the services that you get, so the more prints you want and the better you want them, as well as the size that you request will make the rate for your payment, and it is worth thinking of this when you decide on exactly what it is that you want.

Portrait photography makes for wonderful gifts for family and loved ones and should be thought about in the coming up of special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, wedding anniversaries and such like.