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Learn Digital Photography – How to Become a Good Wedding Photographer

January 29th, 2012 No comments

As you can see, wedding marks anew chapter in a couples life and many are happy to hire a professional wedding photographer to capture the moments on photographs. How can you be good in wedding photography then?

1. Enthusiast or professional

Since you are building your career as a professional photographer, you are different from the photography enthusiast. You are supposed to see the best side of the couple and capture the essence of the couple without them posing for you.

As a professional wedding photographer, you too are supposed to be well prepared for the ceremony. You ought to bring enough memory sticks and battery packs. Telling the couple that you forgot your equipments is not a good reason especially when your reputation is on the line.

2. Equipments

Imagine your photographer carrying a compact digital camera during your wedding and told you that he is there for the job. He doesn’t sound convincing. Does he?

So, having a DSLR camera does help to improve your image as a wedding photographer. Remember, you are a professional instead of a photography enthusiast. So, be professional and invest into something professional.

3. Black and white

Some thought that black and white photography is outdated but little do they know that black and white makes marvelous wedding pictures. Some photographers even belief that black and white wedding pictures are more classical and more long lasting.

So, when you are involve in wedding photography, give black and white a chance and have a look into it. You can show the couple some of your pictures in color and monotone. Let them make their decision. After all it is their wedding and not yours.

4. Your personality

As a professional photographer, you are supposed to provide your professional point of view to the couple instead of shoving what you like down the couple’s throat. You might be a fanatic for black and white photography but the couple might feel that wedding is supposed to be colorful. You will spoil the couple’s mood when you insisted on your way.

So, before you start the job, have a short discussion with them. Let the couple know what a person you are and at the same time you can ask them what they are looking for in the wedding pictures. Once the mutual understanding has been established, satisfying the clients and your need will be easy.

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Tips for Digital Photography – 3 Most Critical Things for Quality Digital Pictures

September 21st, 2011 No comments

I remember my first digital camera I bought lots of years ago. It was a Mustek and so, a piece of garbage. But back then, this was the best you could get. From the beginning of the early digital days we have come a long way though. Once in a while, some of my friends, because they know I am a photography enthusiast, are asking me what they should look for when buying a digital camera, what the most important features are and how to take quality digital pictures. This is a very hard question that you can answer and thats partly because, honestly, there are a lot of things which can go into the process of taking quality digital pictures. But, I have chosen top three deal breakers, the way I call them, so I will use this article to discuss them in detail.

Unbelievably, unless you have a really high end camera, most important to taking quality digital pictures is lighting. Did you ever took pictures using a poor or fair camera yet still with using such great conditions for lighting, your pictures came out great? Well I have. Actually, with my Mustek, I found out that by setting up good lighting conditions made the camera work like a charm. However, take this light away and your camera will produce the most color washed and grainy pictures that you could ever imagine. Lighting makes all the difference. This puts it on the top in my preference list, above even the camera itself. Hence, if you are on a tight budget and can’t buy a great camera, you should make sure that you have sufficient light.

Next is the camera itself. Basically, the better is the camera, the better is the quality for the pictures. However, there is a problem, and that is how to decide whats a great camera? You can’t go only by mega pixels as each producer has different methods by which they are represented. So a camera that has 8 mega pixels could actually not be such as good for quality as one camera produced by other manufacturer and which has only 6 mega pixels. So, read as much unbiased reviews for each camera you are thinking to buy. How could you tell which review is unbiased? Thats one where there is no link to the camera.

Finally, theres the photographers skill. Unfortunately, this you cant buy out of a box. Skill is something that I picked up with time, but, its something that you could learn and develop.

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