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A Touch of Genius – Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97

December 1st, 2011 No comments

The world of touchscreen mobile phones is starting to get exciting, as the biggest name in the industry has waded in with not one, but TWO mobile phones: the sleek Nokia 5800 and the completely mind-blowing Nokia N97.

Phones we’d rather forget – Nokia touchscreen mobile phones in the past

A lot of people are under the incorrect impression that the Nokia 5800 is the first touchscreen phone to wear the Nokia label. It’s not. Actually, there’s been a few touchy-feely phones to wear the Nokia brand. Beginning with the 7700, the world has seen a few Nokia mobile phones that work by touch. They all had reasonably big (for their time) screens, but the other feature they had in common, unfortunately, was that they were unbearably hideous. Only one of these devices, the 6708, displayed any promise, but it was made only for the Chinese market, and so, it never saw the light of day in these sceptred isles. The mobile phones WE got were, and I use this phrase with much feeling, total, and complete toss.

However, those unpleasant mental images have all been removed by the announcement of two new Nokia mobile phones, both of which have touchscreens, and both of which are much, much nicer…

Nokia 5800 – touching music

The first phone on the list is a totally new member of Nokia’s Xpress family of music mobile phones, the mouth-watering Nokia 5800. This one’s pretty obviously built for music and video; you can tell by the dedicated XpressMedia touch-key which opens a list of shortcuts to music, videos, the web, and so on. Oh, and the Nokia 5800 has a 3.2 inch touchscreen, to let you muck about with those different media files. Basically, the Nokia 5800 was created as a teeny handheld jukebox and movie player, and as music phones go, this is easily one of the prettiest. The Nokia 5800 also comes with a 3 megapixel camera, HSDPA internet connection and GPS, so that it’s a wonderful all-round mobile phone, on top of being a wonderful media gadget. Oh, and it has a strap to fasten on an imitation guitar pick. That rocks.

Despite all those features, the Nokia 5800 is very definitely a mid-range phone; it’s not, nor will it ever be, an absolute top-ender. That position goes to a different mobile…

Nokia N97 – the single best phone EVER made?

With the Nokia 5800 all set to bring touchscreen mobile phones to the mid-range market, that leaves a huge, yawning gap at the very top-end, and yes, there IS a touchscreen mobile phone on its way to take its place as the top-end powerhouse: the genuinely mind-blowing Nokia N97. This uses the same Symbian S60 Touch interface and crams it into the body of a proper, full-on smartphone. So it’s got an even more huge, 3.5 inch screen, a slide out QWERTY keypad, and the camera’s been upgraded to 5 megapixels. The Nokia N97 is, as should be glaringly obvious, destined to be the new flagship Nseries mobile phone, and it’s genuinely as hyper-powered as the rumours had us believe, with HSDPA, GPS, digital compass, and built-in Flash, so that you get an internet experience that tops any other mobile phones! Put it like this: the Nokia N97 is awesome. It easily outdoes other mobile phones and as the Nokia 5800 angles firmly for the mid-range, I reckon that the Nokia N97 will totally DOMINATE the world in 2009!

Matt Sharp

Nokia N96 – Successor of a Successful Phone

November 7th, 2011 No comments

The Nokia N96 as everyone knows is the successor of the most successful Nokia mobile phones ever the N95. Being a descendent of a great phone there was a large amount of expectation from the Nokia N96. Unfortunately the Nokia N96 couldn’t keep up the glory of its predecessor.

The time when Nokia Mobile Phones released Nokia N95, it was the giant in the market, and there wasn’t any potential threat to Nokia N95 in design, features or performance but now the things are totally different. The N96 uses Dual ARM 9 264 MHZ CPU which is a slower than that of N95’s CPU. There doesn’t seem to be any valid reason for this downgrade, though on second thoughts it looks like it was done to improve battery life but the battery life is worse than that of N95. No to worry too much the mediocre battery and the CPU don’t affect the performance of the phone. The user interface is very smooth, quick and just maybe some very demanding application or game can show the difference between the performance of the two mobile phones.

The design of N96 has been inherited from the Nokia N81 and is very attractive; the build quality however is not up to the standard of a high end mobile phone. The cheaper plastic employed in Nokia N96 is susceptible to scratches.

The form factor of N96 is dual slide i.e. you can move the top slider either way up and down; pushing the panel upwards will reveal the numeric keypad and pushing it down will reveal the 4 dedicated keys used for music and games.

As far as memory is concerned the Nokia N96 is excellent. It has a large internal memory of 16GB and provides room for further expansion using a micro SD memory card. In short, you can extend the memory of N96 to 32GB. The 2.8 inches screen of N96 is marvellous; It is brilliant even under direct sunlight, no complaints from display section too.

The inbuilt 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens camera complemented by powerful dual LED flash captures superb pictures producing a far better quality than the pictures taken by other phones boasting a 5 mega pixel camera. The pictures are excellent in all lighting conditions, this camera can capture even moving objects with great precession. However, the capture button can be difficult to press but it isn’t a major problem.

The Nokia N96 Mobile comes with a good DVB – H tuner, enabling it to receive digital TV broadcasts. Moving on to one of the main entertainment functions of the Nokia N96 – the mp3 play, which does not disappoint with excellent all around sound quality. The loud speakers are placed on the right side, top and bottom of the phone. In landscape mode you can use the kickstand to place the phone on the desk at the best angle for watching TV / video. The loudspeakers will now be on the top left and right of the phone giving a feel of mini television, looks very attractive.

The N96 wasn’t really intended to take the market by storm and turn the world around. Maybe it was meant to quietly update the top multimedia gadget of the house. Almost every phone manufacturer has a good range of mobiles that can challenge Nokia N96 and most of them have Touchscreen, mp3 players and video playback functions. Nokia is not yet concentrating on Touchscreen which is the latest trend in mobile world. Moreover Nokia N96 has a heavy price tag compared to other mobiles with similar functionalities however the Nokia N96 has a great software package that comes in an utterly user-unfriendly shell.

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Mike Smith

Nokia 6111: a Phone With a Difference

November 4th, 2011 No comments

Nokia 6111 a compact and a chic design phone which is just meant for you. This is the phone which will be comfortable in your hand. It has a mega pixel camera having 6X digital zoom and a camera mode with camera flash. You can also avail the facility of video streaming and video recording up to 1 hour. It has a media player, MP3/AAC ringing tones and a FM radio.

Some of the new features which are that Nokia 6111 has an easy and fast access to many functions like menu, applications, browsing, music, videos and pictures. It has a facility to capture, show, share pictures and videos. It has a 262,144 colour display, mega pixel camera, 6X digital zoom and a camera flash. Apart from that it also has a video streaming and recording facility up to 1 hour.

As far as operating frequency is concerned Nokia 6111 has a tri-band EGSM900/GSM1800/1900 network which is supported in Europe and also supported to other continents as well. It also has an automatic switching between the bands. It has a weight of 92 gram and a dimension of 84 X 47 X 23 mm with 76 cc. It also has a good display and user interface.

Apart from these Nokia 6111 also have an important feature which is known as push to talk which helps in using it like walkie-talkie. It also has an easy access with the dedicated key. It has good memory functions with lots of games.

Above all Nokia 6111 has wonderful features in messaging multimedia, connectivity, browsing and many other user friendly features.

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