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Nokia 6111: a Phone With a Difference

November 4th, 2011 No comments

Nokia 6111 a compact and a chic design phone which is just meant for you. This is the phone which will be comfortable in your hand. It has a mega pixel camera having 6X digital zoom and a camera mode with camera flash. You can also avail the facility of video streaming and video recording up to 1 hour. It has a media player, MP3/AAC ringing tones and a FM radio.

Some of the new features which are that Nokia 6111 has an easy and fast access to many functions like menu, applications, browsing, music, videos and pictures. It has a facility to capture, show, share pictures and videos. It has a 262,144 colour display, mega pixel camera, 6X digital zoom and a camera flash. Apart from that it also has a video streaming and recording facility up to 1 hour.

As far as operating frequency is concerned Nokia 6111 has a tri-band EGSM900/GSM1800/1900 network which is supported in Europe and also supported to other continents as well. It also has an automatic switching between the bands. It has a weight of 92 gram and a dimension of 84 X 47 X 23 mm with 76 cc. It also has a good display and user interface.

Apart from these Nokia 6111 also have an important feature which is known as push to talk which helps in using it like walkie-talkie. It also has an easy access with the dedicated key. It has good memory functions with lots of games.

Above all Nokia 6111 has wonderful features in messaging multimedia, connectivity, browsing and many other user friendly features.

Among the Nokia mobile phones, Nokia 6111 is just like a gem having so much advanced features and comfortable enough to carry in your hand. There are few mobile phone shops which can offer good deals for Nokia 6111.You need to find out right mobile shop who can offer you the top deals. The top deals can offer you with line rental from £ 25 to £35 in which you easily get a cheap nokia 6111.

Take a look at Nokia 6111 .

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Nokia Mobile Phones: Offering Enhanced Features and Functionalities

October 31st, 2011 No comments

The renowned mobile manufacturer, Nokia mobile phones offer a wide range of handsets and giving you lots of options. The latest Nokia phones are endowed with advanced functionalities making things easier for you. These devices bring style and sophistication in your mobile life. With so many models, Nokia has something for everyone. The exquisite gadgets are known for their simplicity and easy to use features. Nokia is also coming up with 3G phones which has become quite a buzz among the mobile users. These phones with 3G technology offer amazing benefits with innumerable possibilities.

An excellent all rounder, Nokia 6300 is a combination of powerful functionalities and high-end features. The handset is designed to take care of your various needs. The Nokia 6300 lives upto your expectations with brilliant features like a 2.0 mega pixels camera and an excellent music player taking care of your entertainment needs. Another Nokia handset which is enriched with enhanced functionalities and features is Nokia 6680. It has a 1.3 megapixel camera with 6x digital zoom that enables you to conduct a face to face call. The excellent mesaging services of Nokia 6680 include email, SMS and MMS. Music lovers would not get disappointed as there is an in-built MP3 player with all features.

So if you are interested in buying any of these Nokia handsets, login to any of the online mobile phone shops and browse through the updated deals. The latest gizmos from Nokia offer you with a range of high-end features. You can sign up for a 12 months deal and experience a hassle-free mobile phone experience. Grab the hottest deal and enjoy innovative features that come along. The numerous deals allow you to earn lots of benefits like cash backs, free line rental, free gifts, etc. You can even compare the different tariff plans offered by top mobile networks.

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