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Top Sony Digital Camera

July 29th, 2011 No comments

Sony SLT Alpha A55 is a name added to the list of the best rated digital cameras. It has diverse characteristics and exceptional structure producing it very easy for the user to operate. Clarity, focus, variations, modes – Sony SLT alpha A55 gives it all. Sony, already identified for its wonderful efforts in the field of digital cameras has launched a new version of the extremely compact digital cameras wherein the users can delight in some of the key technological improvements. Sony SLT Alpha A55 is identified as the technological boom to the camera market and the markets all over the planet.

Following are the exceptional characteristics of the camera which distinguishes Sony SLT Alpha A55 from other people topping the list, thereby producing it the best rated digital camera:

16.three mega pixel cameras: A55 is embedded with a 16.three mega pixel camera ensuring and delivering a high resolution photos and images. The excellent of the picture the camera gives is wonderful and the clarity obtained is worth the revenue.
CMOS Sensor: The camera consists of CMOS sensors embedded with high resolution and high excellent sensors.
Semi-translucent mirror: This feature makes Sony SLT Alpha A55 numerous from the other digital single lens cameras, resultantly producing it a best rated digital camera. The camera consists of a translucent mirror which makes it possible for the light to pass straight by way of the sensors. The camera lets the mirror swing the light out of the way to enable sufficient exposure for the image.
16.7 total pixels sensor: The camera consists of 16.7 total sensor pixels that guarantee high-quality excellent images.
three. inch LCD: The camera consists of a three inch LCD screen supporter with the support of video cable connections in order to view video and images conveniently on the LCD screens. The LCD screen visualization of the image and videos ensures a clear and larger display of images and video visualization.
100% viewfinder: The camera launched by Sony consists of 100 percent view finder accuracy in each optical and LCD types.
32 shots continuous speed: Sony SLT Alpha A55 is unquestionably amongst the most desirable and best rated digital cameras. It gives just about about 9.04fbs or 32 shots continuous speed when the file is saved in JPEG formats.
.9sec energy on time: The high and fast speed of the camera to switch on the energy mode of the camera lets the user click the image immediately and in a rapidly manner. The energy on time for Sony SLT Alpha A55 is .9 seconds.
two.52×1.69 in 64x43mm macro: Sony SLT Alpha A55 has macro clicking capacity. It can click up to two.52×1.69 in 64x43mm macro or the smallest size of an image.
330 shots battery life: The camera consists of a high-quality battery life that makes it possible for up to 330 shots to be clicked by a single battery.
25.6oz weight: Sony SLT Alpha A55 weighs about 727grams which includes the batteries and the kit lenses. Hence, the weight of the camera is exceptionally light and can be carried conveniently.

The above mentioned characteristics of Sony SLT Alpha A55 justifiably make it 1 of the best rated digital cameras on the market now.