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Sony W Series the Cyber Shot Camera Mobile

September 18th, 2011 No comments

Sony recently announced a brand new line of digital cameras that deliver high-definition component output.  These cameras are designed to offer a crystal clear photo viewing.  These latest line of digital cameras are known as Cyber-shot Sony W-Series comprising of DSC-W200, DSC-W90 and DSC-W80 digital cameras.


All of these Sony Cyber-shot W series digital cameras offer provide direct connection to HDTV with a Carl Zeiss 3x optical zoom lens and the traditional viewfinders at eye level plus a large 2.5 inch LCD screens.  This is a 12 megapixel digital camera being the most compact of all this series. The next of the series is an 8 megapixel DSC W90 followed by DSC W80 digital cameras.


The entire range of Sony W series digital cameras has a built in slide show functionality.  These facilitates easy play back of images made using pans, fades and wipe transitions with background music clips of the user’s choice.  With their direct connection to HDTV, they are ideal for integrating the full 1080 HD photo viewing using a home theater. These series of cyber shot digital cameras boast of a new face detection technology that can identify up to eight faces in its LCD frame.  In addition it supported by auto flash, auto focus and white balance adjustment and exposure. The multi point auto focus (AF) feature automatically determines the right focus up to 9 points within the frame. 

Blur prevention

The other new feature of this series of digital camera is the Super Steady Shot optical image standardization feature that prevents blur often caused by shaking the camera.  They have high sensitivity settings that range up to ISO03200, which is helpful in combating blur due to moving subjects.  To top it all, Sony W series digital cameras use Sony’s Clear RAW noise reduction technology for minimizing picture noise occurring while shooting at ISO level high speeds.
Latest of Cyber shot

The latest of Sony W series digital cameras have added a new feature that allows users to edit images while in transit thanks to the incorporation of in-camera editing functions that can be selected according to the need.  This eliminates hours of editing work using a computer. These cyber shot cameras possess Sony’s Dynamic Range Optimizer in determining the best exposure and tonality for each picture before it is compressed into JPEG files.

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Easy to Use Nikon Digital Camera

September 18th, 2011 No comments

Camera is an option of capturing the beautiful moments of life. Many years ago, capturing the beautiful moment was not easy. Users or photographers had to set the camera and after a boring process it was possible to capture the pictures. Now everything has changed. Continue improvements of camera have changed methods of capturing. Photography used for professional or entertainment is easy now. Digital camera has changed the methods of capturing photos and videos.

There are many camera manufacturers available in the photography market, but Nikon digital camera has occupied a special place in the photography market as well as in the heart of users. All digital cameras are good for something, but users want clear and detailed image captured by the camera. Users also want camera that should be easy to use and have a few functions like simple camera. For that Nikon digital cameras are suitable for you. Suddenly occurred actions can be easily captured with its help.

People are sure of buying Nikon digital camera because they know that they are paying for quality, durability, functionality and reputation. The advantage of these digital cameras is that it gives the opportunity to amateur photographer to have the quality professional shot. Nikon produced less expensive units of their professional cameras. Nikon houses a top camera manufacturer reputation in the photography world.

Nikon D2X is packed with all possible features, which most amateurs will hardly use in a lifetime as this camera is very expensive. Nikon D80 shares many features such as improved auto-focus, interchangeable lenses, 10.2 mega-pixels, wider flash range and longer battery life. Digital cameras are loaded with hi-speed USB card reader, memory card, lenses and LCD screens.

Now Nikon FX format D700 DSLR is the camera that will definitely fit for your needs. This newly launched digital camera equipped with 12.1 mega-pixel FX-format sensors. It can work with an area of up to 36.0 x 23.9mm. It is capable of taking 5 frames per second that gives you an option of shooting anything successfully. Nikon P4 houses 8 mega-pixels with 2.5 inch viewing screen with auto mode. Nikon S50C offers 7.2mega-pixels and houses a wireless interface. This camera is impressive with 3 inch viewing screen, three times optical and four times digital zoom.

There are a lot of Nikon digital cameras available and they are their own reputation in various areas. You are to select one according to your requirements.

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