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Sony-dsc-s730 Digital Camera

September 9th, 2011 2 comments


This is a simple and easy to use digital camera. It isn’t expensive and takes good quality images. It is for point-and-shoot purpose and for people who want to use the digital technology at a low price. This is a entry-level model from Sony and does a good job as a digital camera in its class.

The camera has a simple designing and the build is rectangular which has silver metal touch finishing. The camera weighs 140 grams, which is convenient enough to carry around easily. The size is a bit on the larger side to fit into pockets easily but nevertheless it can be carried around with ease. The LCD display is large and bright, the zoom button is on the backside top of the camera, followed by the control dial, menu button, self-timer and delete button.

Key Features
The camera has a 7.2 megapixel resolution and takes decent quality images. It works well on the medium zoom and even on no zoom, but the maximum zoom isn’t that appealing but the images are bright. The red eye control does a fairly good job. The sharpness of the camera is commendable in this price bracket. The outdoor shots are clear and quiet crisp. Increasing the ISO (image sensitivity to light) to anything above 400 results in spotty images and this is the case with all the low priced digital cameras.
The camera is easy to operate and the functions are simple to use. The first image takes about half a second and it takes 5 images in almost 11 seconds. With usage of flash the first image takes around 1.50 seconds and 5 images in 15 seconds.

The camera performs well in outdoor conditions but the indoors are a bit disappointing. The flash of the camera is not powerful hence the images lack the brightness indoors. Increasing the ISO of the camera results in grainy images, which is the case with most entry-level digital cameras. The flash recovery is slow and this results in elongated time taken for images using the flash option. The design and look is very simple.

Overall this is a better digital camera than most in the same price bracket. There are no such evident flaws in this camera and it performs well. It is good for beginners and for people who just want to point-and-shoot. It isn’t expensive and hence is a good buy.Sony Digital Camera


Monty Alexander