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The Flip Video Camera – the Pocket-friendly Camera That Fits in Your Pocket

September 9th, 2011 No comments

In recent times, there has been a big spurt in the digital video camera market. With the Flip video camera series being launched, it has become even more exciting, particularly because of its amazingly low price.

The Flip Video camera from Pure Digital is a compact video recorder that fits into your pocket. The recorded video clips are stored in the camera’s hard drive and these can be either viewed on a computer or on TV screen. It has a convenient USB that flips out from the side via which you can plug it into your PC or Mac. Video clips are saved as .avi files.

In the Flip camcorder range are the Flip Ultra and the Flip Mino HD. The Flip Ultra camera shoots 4:3 video while the Mino shoots 16:9. If you are wondering which Flip digital camera to buy, it makes sense to browse through Flip camera review sites to help you make an informed decision.

One of the reasons that lead to the success of Flip digital cameras is the fact that people use online video services like YouTube a lot. This camera is so easy to use that people don’t really notice any shortcomings. The Flip Mino came after the Ultra and if you do a comparison of the two, the Mino is about 40% smaller and lighter than the Ultra and has a touch sensitive control pad, a rechargeable built-in battery and a codec for Mac users enabling them to use iMovie 08 and edit their videos directly. The Flip Mino is preloaded with the software it needs for video sharing. While the Flip Ultra has the USB connector at the side, the Mino has it on top and you can use it to download your videos as well as to charge the camera.

The Mino also has a faster image processor, an omni-directional mic, pause, review and fast forward button. It is capable of uploading movies to MySpace. 

If we explore the Flip Mino Vs Ultra, according to online reviews the Flip Mino scores over the Ultra in many ways. For example, in terms of design and interface, people prefer the Mino for its smaller size, sleeker look, touch sensitive controls and better playback options. Specifications wise, even though both Flip camcorders are similar, the Mino scores for its superior sound and compression and additional uploading option. But for video quality, it is the Ultra that is ahead for its consistently brighter videos and better exposure especially in low light situations.

To some, the Mino might look better, but if video quality is important, then it is the Ultra that has an edge. Cost wise, the Mino costs more and is better designed with a rechargeable battery while the Ultra works with replaceable AA batteries. However, when it comes to the Flip Ultra vs. Mino, it really is a matter of what you want to do with the camera and the features that matter to you the most. Therefore, it is best to check out as many online reviews as possible since you can read a lot more than just the product specifications. Diverse user experiences described in Flip video camera review can finally be the deciding factor when you buy your own Flip digital camera.

Beth Howard