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Digital Video Recorder From Tradestead Enriches Your Life

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It is well-known that China is one of the biggest consumer electronics factories in the world. Here you can get quality electronic products at reasonable prices. Popular items include MP3, MP4, MP3 Watch, MP4 Watch, Digital Camera, Digital Photo Frame, Digital Camcorder, Car DVD Portable HDD Media Player, Digital Video Recorder and so on. Many made-in-China electronics are the bestsellers in global electronic market

Quality and price are the top two considerations of most consumers. Tradestead Corporation Limited, a leading consumer electronics wholesaler based in China, offers a wide range of superior electronics at competitive prices. Digital Video Camera is one of our bestsellers. Following is an introduction about DCR-008-2SV Digital Video Recorder (Color: Silver), the popular star sought after by many consumers.

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The DCR-008-2SV Digital Video Recorder is a full-color multifunctional device. Compact and fashionable, it provides high quality video and audio recording as well as super storage capacity for large files. With the built-in speaker and headphone, it can play like a MP3 player. It can also be connected with PC, so you can download pictures via the USB interface which supports file formats including JPEG, ASF, MP3 and WAV. Using the professional picture editing software, you can beautify the picture with your brilliant ideas.

• A. 5-in-1 multifunctional design: It can function as a digital camera, a digital camcorder, a PC camera, a voice recorder and a MP3 player.
• B. View pictures or videos on the 1.7-inch TFT LCD screen
• C. Download videos or pictures through the USB cable provided
• D. 3.1 mega digital camera
• E. Portable mass storage device
• F. Video recording
• G. Support SD/MMC card
• H. Web camera for video conferencing
• I. Internal memory: 32MB Flash Memory
Package Content:

• 1 x Digital Video Camera
• 1 x USB Cable
• 1 x Installation CD
• 1 x AV Cable
• 1 x English User Guide
• 1 x Earphone
• 1 x Hand Strap
• 1 x  camera Bag

Tradestead is a Chinese based general trading and wholesale company located in the city of Shenzhen, the global manufacturing and sourcing center of electronic products. We are a leading exporter and wholesaler of consumer electronics, IT equipment, and accessories direct from China.

We take advantage of our unique geographical location and cutting-edge B2B E-commerce platform to provide timely product information, real-time price quotes, high-quality products, and value-added services to customers all over the world. To know more about us, please visit


Top 10 Digital Camera Review

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Not most folks are conscious that for roughly $100 a person can transform a laptop into a high definition Television and a Digital Video Recorder. They are super very easy to install and use and are absolutely 1 of the most desirable pieces of hardware you can invest in for your laptop computer system value and convenience it is very easy to know why tuners are 1 of the most coveted accessories by laptop owners.

PC tuners have their downsides but the practicality and a quantity functions not on the market with a regular tv and DVR vastly outweigh their limitations. No matter your operating method, you can get a Usb digital television tuner which is compatible with Windows and Mac. Some tuners function with with each operating systems but not all do so be specific to choose the ideal 1.There are two styles of Usb television tuner cards. 1 adapt is larger and is much less conveniently transportable and are roughly the size of a stack of DVDs. The smaller tuners resemble a USB memory stick. Each sorts of Usb television tuner card are exceptionally straight forward to move from computer system to comptuer. Merely unplug the USB wire from 1 computer system and insert it into a new 1.

All it calls for is a Usb hdtv tuner and laptop and a individual will quickly own an additional Tv and Digital video recorder. Television tuners for laptops are on the market place that function with analog, digital and hi def signals. At this time, HDTV signals from over the air sources are the only signals tuners have the capacity to method. The vast majority of Television tuners incorporate a portable antenna and some Television tuners for a laptop have a built in antenna. Should certainly you live a great deal more than 10 miles away from a Tv brodcast tower or want to view a lot of over the air programming an upgraded antenna (obtainable for under $30) is advised.

Watching cable or satellite shows on ones laptop computer system you have to be situated near a cable or satellite signal. Tuners function with digital signals that all over the air channels are now broadcast in. In spite of this, an antenna enables you to delight in Television in locations getting no cable or satellite signal. Upgraded antennas are on the market for under fifty dollars. If you program to watch primarily over the air programming you should certainly think of buying upgraded antenna.

Cable channels like ESPN and CNN are only on the market when working with a cable or satellite enterprise and if you subscribe to premium channels like HBO you will have to have to use a cable or satellite converter box|Standard cable tv or satellite channels like Discovery Channel do not demand a set-best box to view them working with a USB Television tuner card}. A set best box is desired to view premium channels and Pay Per View events. The set best box is basically installed among the Usb digital television tuner and the cable or satellite signal just like any other Tv.