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Digital Photography: Passion and Hobby Becomes Art

January 1st, 2012 3 comments

Photography is an interesting hobby. It eases your mind and soul and brings out the creative instinct in you. But this art gets more and more interesting when done with the use of a digital camera. It also introduces one into the world of digital photography. Here age, sex or skill does not matter. There was a time when people hesitated to get into the hobby of digital photography, the basic problem being the investment, but now, the time has changed and people have seriously started Digital Photography as their hobby. Do you like to be one such person?

All that matters is your passion for the art of digital photography.

Process of Digital Photography

The process of Digital Photography is a chain that starts from the shooting of images and ends with the display of the photographs. In the digital world, it is the image that forms the key element. And the picture quality of the image is determined by its resolution. The resolution in turn is the number of horizontal and vertical pixels on an image. Therefore resolution is the key factor that decides how big you can print your image or how much of it can be cropped.

Steps involved in Digital Photography

In order to understand how the digital camera suitably fits into the system of Digital Photography it is necessary to understand the steps involved in making digital photographs.

First Step: Input of Images

The input device in a computer is probably the keyboard. However, in Digital Photography the input devices are those that capture the images.

Digital Still Camera – It shoots images in a digital format.
Digital Video camera – It can capture images like a digital still camera.
Video cameras – It captures images onto a video format.

Second Step: Processing the Digital Photograph

Digital photographs can be stored onto your PC after they are taken. They can be then edited using in whatever way you want using the photo-editing program, Adobe Photoshop. Here the options are endless.
Few ways by which you can process your images

1.Crop parts of the image that you feel unnecessary and highlight the main frame.
2.If you wish to post the photos on the Web then trim down the number of pixels in the image so as to make it smaller.
3.Use filters to give the images the look of an oil painting, watercolor or the look of your desire.
4.You can stitch-up multiple frames in a single frame to create a landscape effect.
5.For a 3D stereo effect or an animated image merge two images and you can display this on the Web.
6.To improve the images make slight alterations in brightness and contrast.
7.Mish mash the images to create a photo medley.

Third Step: The final output, the Photograph

In Digital Photography there are many ways through which you can display and share the photographs you have taken.

Some of the well-known ways are as follows

1.Just e-mail the digital photographs to your friends or to family members.
2.Post the digital photos to the Web Service that will allow printing the digital photographs on T-shirts, mouse pads, posters and even on cakes.
3.Add the digital photographs to a word processing program or to the desktop of your PC so as to publish it as a document.
4.Mail the digital photographs on a Website or onto a Photo network.

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Dear Santa . . . the Top Five Little Girl Christmas Gifts of 2008

October 18th, 2011 No comments

Don’t know what to get your little princess this year? Well, step back, take a deep breath and look no further. From grow with me gifts to dazzle me delights, we have everything you need to wow your favorite little someone. So what gifts topped our best of the best list for 2008? Read on to find out.

1.      Fur Real Biscuit My Loving Pup

Ideal for the animal lover, Biscuit is sure to capture every little girl’s heart with his tricks. He will follow voice commands and wag his tail, or even nod his head to let you know he wants his bone. This is the perfect gift particularly for children with allergies or asthma who cannot have a real pet. And you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after it.

2.      Hannah Montana Malibu Beach House

The dollhouse dream of any little Hannah Montana fan, this dollhouse – from looks to layout – hops straight from the screen and into real life. With over 75 cool accessories, including Hannah’s porch swing, this exact replica of Hannah’s beach house will bring to life her favorite TV show. Your little one can have misadventures with her best gal pal Lily or dress up in high fashion right before stepping on a plane for the big stage.

3.      Pink Coral DS and Super Princess Peach Bundle

The ideal starter set for your little girl gamer, the Princess Peach DS bundle is bound to be a quick favorite both on the go and on the sofa. Enchant your little princess as she joins Princess Peach as she fights her way through eight different worlds to save Mario from Bowser. The touch screen will empower her to tap into Princess Peach’s special powers and allow her to become invincible. Not only does the gift entertain your little one but it also allows you to have some free time to relax or catch up on your chores.

4.      iCarly Digital Video Camera

iCarly fans now have the power to climb inside the screen to create a show all their own. With the iCarly Digital Video Camera, kids can create videos and web-isodes and send them to their friends or simply make home videos to share with mom and dad. A Digital Diary and video editing software are part of the bundle, allowing you to enhance your video with special effects and add title and credits just like a real producer! You can even share your videos with an easy upload on

5.      Dream Town Sweet Lily Castle

Allow your favorite princess some moments to imagine in fairytale style. With the Dream Town Sweet Lily Castle, she can be imagine herself being Cinderella waiting for her prince charming or she can simply create a fairytale of  her own. She can also buy a variety of complementary add-ons for the playhouse. From washing machines to vanities and even dresses for the perfect princess, this Christmas gift is sure to please and surprise her and make her holiday end in happily ever after.

For more great gift ideas for everyone on your nice list, visit us at , your one stop shop for all things holiday.

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Digital Video Recorder From Tradestead Enriches Your Life

September 18th, 2011 No comments

It is well-known that China is one of the biggest consumer electronics factories in the world. Here you can get quality electronic products at reasonable prices. Popular items include MP3, MP4, MP3 Watch, MP4 Watch, Digital Camera, Digital Photo Frame, Digital Camcorder, Car DVD Portable HDD Media Player, Digital Video Recorder and so on. Many made-in-China electronics are the bestsellers in global electronic market

Quality and price are the top two considerations of most consumers. Tradestead Corporation Limited, a leading consumer electronics wholesaler based in China, offers a wide range of superior electronics at competitive prices. Digital Video Camera is one of our bestsellers. Following is an introduction about DCR-008-2SV Digital Video Recorder (Color: Silver), the popular star sought after by many consumers.

If u can not see the picture, please visit our web and put in the number for product search, then you will see it!

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The DCR-008-2SV Digital Video Recorder is a full-color multifunctional device. Compact and fashionable, it provides high quality video and audio recording as well as super storage capacity for large files. With the built-in speaker and headphone, it can play like a MP3 player. It can also be connected with PC, so you can download pictures via the USB interface which supports file formats including JPEG, ASF, MP3 and WAV. Using the professional picture editing software, you can beautify the picture with your brilliant ideas.

• A. 5-in-1 multifunctional design: It can function as a digital camera, a digital camcorder, a PC camera, a voice recorder and a MP3 player.
• B. View pictures or videos on the 1.7-inch TFT LCD screen
• C. Download videos or pictures through the USB cable provided
• D. 3.1 mega digital camera
• E. Portable mass storage device
• F. Video recording
• G. Support SD/MMC card
• H. Web camera for video conferencing
• I. Internal memory: 32MB Flash Memory
Package Content:

• 1 x Digital Video Camera
• 1 x USB Cable
• 1 x Installation CD
• 1 x AV Cable
• 1 x English User Guide
• 1 x Earphone
• 1 x Hand Strap
• 1 x  camera Bag

Tradestead is a Chinese based general trading and wholesale company located in the city of Shenzhen, the global manufacturing and sourcing center of electronic products. We are a leading exporter and wholesaler of consumer electronics, IT equipment, and accessories direct from China.

We take advantage of our unique geographical location and cutting-edge B2B E-commerce platform to provide timely product information, real-time price quotes, high-quality products, and value-added services to customers all over the world. To know more about us, please visit


The Flip Video Camera – the Pocket-friendly Camera That Fits in Your Pocket

September 9th, 2011 No comments

In recent times, there has been a big spurt in the digital video camera market. With the Flip video camera series being launched, it has become even more exciting, particularly because of its amazingly low price.

The Flip Video camera from Pure Digital is a compact video recorder that fits into your pocket. The recorded video clips are stored in the camera’s hard drive and these can be either viewed on a computer or on TV screen. It has a convenient USB that flips out from the side via which you can plug it into your PC or Mac. Video clips are saved as .avi files.

In the Flip camcorder range are the Flip Ultra and the Flip Mino HD. The Flip Ultra camera shoots 4:3 video while the Mino shoots 16:9. If you are wondering which Flip digital camera to buy, it makes sense to browse through Flip camera review sites to help you make an informed decision.

One of the reasons that lead to the success of Flip digital cameras is the fact that people use online video services like YouTube a lot. This camera is so easy to use that people don’t really notice any shortcomings. The Flip Mino came after the Ultra and if you do a comparison of the two, the Mino is about 40% smaller and lighter than the Ultra and has a touch sensitive control pad, a rechargeable built-in battery and a codec for Mac users enabling them to use iMovie 08 and edit their videos directly. The Flip Mino is preloaded with the software it needs for video sharing. While the Flip Ultra has the USB connector at the side, the Mino has it on top and you can use it to download your videos as well as to charge the camera.

The Mino also has a faster image processor, an omni-directional mic, pause, review and fast forward button. It is capable of uploading movies to MySpace. 

If we explore the Flip Mino Vs Ultra, according to online reviews the Flip Mino scores over the Ultra in many ways. For example, in terms of design and interface, people prefer the Mino for its smaller size, sleeker look, touch sensitive controls and better playback options. Specifications wise, even though both Flip camcorders are similar, the Mino scores for its superior sound and compression and additional uploading option. But for video quality, it is the Ultra that is ahead for its consistently brighter videos and better exposure especially in low light situations.

To some, the Mino might look better, but if video quality is important, then it is the Ultra that has an edge. Cost wise, the Mino costs more and is better designed with a rechargeable battery while the Ultra works with replaceable AA batteries. However, when it comes to the Flip Ultra vs. Mino, it really is a matter of what you want to do with the camera and the features that matter to you the most. Therefore, it is best to check out as many online reviews as possible since you can read a lot more than just the product specifications. Diverse user experiences described in Flip video camera review can finally be the deciding factor when you buy your own Flip digital camera.

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Information Regarding Camcorder Digital

September 2nd, 2011 No comments

DXG manufactures, designs and markets charmingly styled digital video and still cameras for the mainstream and younger markets. DXG is considered one of the fastest growing U.S brands and this is most likely down to its wide range of technology.

If you are looking for a DXG digital camcorder for the younger generation The DXG-506V is probably the best DXG digital camcorder around. It is a full-motion digital video camera with a 5.1MP still camera. This DXG digital camcorder also has an MP3 player which is a definite must for the musical ones!.

For more information on camcorder digital click here

Information Regarding Top Digital Video Camera

August 29th, 2011 No comments

For a family/consumer HD digital camcorder in 2010, look no further than Sanyo, Samsung, Panasonic, JVC or Canon, for the best video camera brands, and all with new models for 2010 costing under $500, making them the best camcorder deals available.

The cheapest of these is the Sanyo VPC-CS1 HD digital camcorder and 8 MP Camera costing an astonishing low price of $272, and with a high spec, and rating highly in video camera reviews.

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Top Digital Video Camera

July 29th, 2011 No comments

For a household/consumer HD digital camcorder in 2010, appear no further than Sanyo, Samsung, Panasonic, JVC or Canon, for the most desirable video camera brands, and all with new models for 2010 costing under $500, producing them the most desirable camcorder offers on the market.

The cheapest of these is the Sanyo VPC-CS1 HD digital camcorder and 8 MP Camera costing an astonishing low cost of $272, and with a high spec, and rating extremely in video camera critiques.

This is claimed to be the worlds thinnest and lightest Full HD Dual HD digital camcorder with 10xOptical Zoom, full HD 1080 60i HD video (1920×1080), video and photo image stabilizer, a honestly really good 38mm angle of view and a it records to the most recent MPEG-four AVC/H.264 movie recording format, producing it amongst the most desirable video camera models for the pocket or purse, and at this cost, one other of the most desirable camcorder offers in 2010.

Coming in at about the similar cost as the Sanyo VPC-CS1 HD digital camcorder, 1 of the most desirable camcorders mentioned above, are the new for 2010 Samsung F44 HD video cameras.

With 16GB of built-in SSD Memory, 65x Intelli-Zoom/52x Optical Zoom, a outstanding battery life of over four hours among re-charges thanks to the lack of any internal moving parts, time lapse recording and IntelliStudio two/ (Built In plug in and play PC Software program) supplied for editing, this most desirable video camera from Samsung deserves your critical consideration, as endorsed in video camera critiques and camcorder offers.

Panasonic has a brilliant low priced HD digital camcorder for under $400, the Panasonic HDC-SD10K Full HD Camcorder. This has been on the market place due to the fact June last year and at all times gets a exceptionally high-quality write up in video camera critiques and 1 of Panasonics most desirable camcorders.

This small beauty records also records directly to SD/SDHC memory cards which are now exceptionally low-priced, capturing 1080 progressive HD video.

Intelligent Auto mode takes the guess-function out of recording, and makes it possible for any individual to record picture excellent moments, when a 16x Optical Image Stabilized zoom with Active mode anticipates your movement to right jitters and shakes and enable smooth movement when recording, all enclosed in a Super-compact style weighs only 1/two pound.

The JVC GZ-HD500 HD digital camcorder is one other of this video camera critiques webpage camcorder offers for 2010 coming in at just under the $500, with a major 80GB Internal Challenging Disk Drive for up to 33 hours of Full HD recording, as effectively as delivering a micro SD/SDHC Card Slot for additional recording time.

Recording bit rate is a high 24Mbps, Time-Lapse recording is attainable, and the zoom is 20x Optical Zoom and 200x Digital, however one other of the HD video cameras new for 2010

They say to leave the most desirable till last, and here it is, just inside our $500 spending budget, the Canon Vixia HF R100 HD digital camcorder. Canon VIXIA HF R100 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder. a preferred in video camera critiques and at this cost 1 of the most desirable camcorders you will acquire from all camcorder offers in 2010.

Canon has at all times had really good respect from nonetheless photographers, but their reputation for producing a HD digital camcorder has been established for a couple of years now.

The Canon Vixia HF R100 HD digital camcorder records crisp high definition video directly to removable SD memory cards, which appears to be the most desirable recording format in 2010, in an Ultra-Sleek, Compact and Lightweight Style which makes it possible for you to take your camcorder with you anyplace.

Canons own DIGIC DV III Image Processor as fitted to these HD video cameras delivers the ultimate in color and imaging performance with a genuine Canon 20x HD Video Lens delivering unsurpassed image excellent, when a Canon two.39-Megapixel HD CMOS Image Sensor captures video at 1920 x 1080 resolution.

The HD CMOS Image Sensor is becoming exceptionally well known too, as they are less complicated and less costly to generate than the regular CCD image sensors, so this most desirable video camera from Canon in this cost bracket is just about as future-proof as you can get ideal in 2010, and completes our video camera critiques of the most desirable camcorders under $500.

So, which 1 would be your selection I would honestly like your feedback to support me write future articles.

Digital Camera Reviews

July 29th, 2011 No comments

There are so most technologically difficult gadgets that we have to have now and are specific that we could not make do without having. Our cell phones, digital cameras, blackberries, and laptops are such treasured items that we frequently do not like to leave dwelling unless we bring a couple of of them with us. Essentially, the wonder of all these gadgets is that you are allowed carry them with us wherever you travel to. With all the transporting about that they are subjected to, the probabilities of them getting stolen, lost, or damaged is a genuine threat.

Ordinarily, warranties on these items will not cover any of these events. We are quite a great deal on our own as far replacement or restoration. Most of these factors could possibly be saved if they are damaged by water. For a digital photo camera or digital video camera, saturating water harm could spell their specific death. There might possibly be a slim opportunity they can be fixed, but not a great deal. Even the repair services that will endeavor to repair digital cameras of any type that have been wet by water, will frequently charge you a non refundable fee up front, it could possibly be fifty dollars or a great deal more, and might possibly not guarantee repair. With odds like that, you might possibly be throwing away a great deal more revenue on it and nonetheless not have the digital camera restored the way it was.

The smartest factor to do is stay clear of receiving it wet in the initially spot. Preventions are not that attempting if you just make use of them from the beginning. Initially of all, you should certainly not enable small young children and pets about them. Just about something young children or pets get near might possibly finish up receiving wet, by 1 way or one other. Slobber is ordinarily not that destructive, except possibly to digital cameras. When you are brave sufficient to take your camera close to hot tubs, spas, lakes, pools or any other source of water, for Petes sake put it in a waterproof container.

A sealed plastic bag might possibly support, but might possibly not be sufficient. Put it in a sealed plastic bag or into an air tight container. Additional precaution is defiantly not ridiculous, in particular if you invested $500.00 dollars or a great deal more in it. Even when you are not close to water, your camera can be beyond use if the viewing panel is broken, while this could possibly be restored. An airtight plastic container will also support maintain it from getting smashed as conveniently, as effectively as protecting it from spills.

Water harm aside, digital items can be touchy and the a great deal more prevention applied with them, the superior. We will not miss our new high tech toys so exceptionally a great deal as when they get destroyed!