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Looking For Top Digital Cameras Under $100

September 18th, 2011 No comments

Why should you buy one of those top digital cameras? One main reason is that they take decent pictures. I think you’ll agree with me that the pictures are memories, and you will want to get the best pictures you can get. However, you can make it possible by the help of this kind of camera.

Nowadays, a wide range of digital cameras are available for you to purchase. Even if you just have a little cost, you can still have a top digital camera for only about $100.

Brand names such as Canon, Nikon, FujiFilm, Olympus and Kodak have produced a number of affordable digital cameras with lots of powerful features. Below is a list of top digital cameras for under $100 you can find in today’s market.

– Nikon Coolpix L20, around $90 at Amazon

The Coolpix L20 from Nikon has a 10 megapixels resolution. With this resolution, the camera should be able to make prints large enough to satisfy most beginners in photography. The Coolpix L20 has a 3.6x optical zoom and a 3-inch LCD screen for composing your shot.

– Canon PowerShot A480, price $79 at Amazon

The PowerShot A480 features a 10 megapixels resolution with a 3.3x optical zoom lens, and a 2.5-inch LCD monitor. Though it’s an inexpensive camera, but the PowerShot A480 doesn’t look or perform like a cheap, budget digital camera. It’s available in silver, blue, black and red colors.

– Kodak EasyShare C180

Kodak EasyShare C180 has a 10.2 megapixels resolution with a 3x optical zoom lens, and a 2.4-inch LCD. Though not included in the package, the C180 is compatible with SD/SDHC memory cards.

– Fujifilm Finepix J38

The inexpensive Finepix J38 has 12 megapixels of resolution and a 3X optical zoom lens with a 2.7-inch LCD screen. Fujifilm FinePix J38 won’t miss the finest details of your shot, and it will capture crispy and clear photos with vivid colors, even when printed at large sizes.

– Kodak EasyShare M340, around $90 at Amazon

As one of the affordable cameras from Kodak, the EasyShare M340 offers plenty of resolution for most beginning photographers. The camera has a 10 megapixels resolution, a 2.7-inch LCD screen, limited video capabilities, and a 3X optical zoom lens. In addition, the M340 is very easy to use.

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