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Nokia N73: With Amazing Set of Features

November 14th, 2011 No comments

Nokia N73 .

Nokia N73, the multimedia computer is aimed at meeting a large number of the everyday user’s needs. Coming with superb photography features and integrated stereo speakers with 3D sound for optimized audio pleasure, the Nokia N73 is as easy to use and compact to carry.

The phone comes with 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, a mechanical shutter, advanced autofocus and support for internet communities like Flickr. You get sharper images even in an optimum light condition and you can even also share your photos with your friends and colleagues.

Besides the large display, there is a powerful and intuitive active toolbar interface providing one-touch selection to send photos via email, Bluetooth connectivity or MMS. The Nokia N73 is designed to make photography easy with the dedicated controls for capture, zoom and review. Organising and moving your images and videos into a compatible PC is simple with Nokia Xpress.

The classy phone acts as a mini computer with great photography features and great sounds. With the camera capture and zoom keys at the top, the phone looks like a stand alone digital camera. There’s no self portrait mirror but there is a second camera located just above the screen in the upper right corner.

The N73 comes with a digital music player with equalizer and FM radio and if you want to share your images, you can do it through the built-in email functionality, or store them on the FREE 128MB miniSD card.
The N73 is one of Nokia Mobile Phones
newest S60 3rd Edition phones and is available in either 3G or Quad band EDGE/GSM networks

We can say that it is the Nokia’s best N-series phones so far because of its attractive feature set and fantastic screen. So grab the attractive Nokia mobile deals with the Orange and 3 networks on the Nokia N73 .

Alice Erin

Best Digital Camera 2009

July 29th, 2011 No comments

Digital SLR comes from digital single lens reflex, which is named this way considering that of the mirror that sits behind the lens of the camera and sends the light to the viewfinder.

The digital SLRs are developed in such a way that you can use a lot of numerous lenses, with numerous focal lengths. This versatility is the reason why digital SLR cameras are so well known amongst specialists. When you are working with a camera that is not a SLR, you have to have to match the angle of the viewing lens with the angle of view. If you are performing brief-range zoom or you have a fixed lens, then it is OK, but at numerous focal lengths it can be a great deal a great deal more tricky. The SLR is superior considering that the viewing and taking lens are the similar.

When entry level digital SLR cameras do not at all times have Live View, advanced models frequently do, and they let you compose the pictures just like you do with a snapshot camera. The standard models will lock the mirror, and the prism will divert the image towards a sensor that is smaller. Then, rather of sending it to a capture sensor, it will be sent to the LCD screen, which can take down the performance a bit. If you are receiving an older model you could possibly have to have to focus on the image manually when you are in Live View, although contrast autofocus is on the market in newer digital cameras.

Digital SLR Camera Varieties

Digital SLR With Interchangeable-lens

These models are those regarded as as SLRs by most many people. Theyre also the ones that well be talking about in this post. Just like the name says, in these SLR cameras you can alter their lenses. This way you are able to switch from a supertelephoto lens to an ultra wide angle.

Examples: Fundamentally, most digital SLR cameras that are sold now belong to this sort.

Digital SLR With Fixed Lens

On these digital SLRs, the versatility is restricted by the truth that you cannot alter the default lens. The mirror that bounces the light towards the viewfinder is nonmoving and semi-transparent in most of these models.

1 example of a camera with fixed lens is the Olympus E-20N

Camera comparable to SLRs

Cameras that appear like digital SLR cameras are frequently digicams that have either an optical finder or a smaller LCD. You cannot think of them as digital SLR cameras due to the fact the mirror is missing, and the excellent of the pictures is not even close to what you can do with a accurate SLR. Frequently, this sort of camera has a exceptionally lengthy zoom, and one other name for them is magazooms or ZLRs.