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Fashion; the realm of beauty and glamour. The word evokes images of resplendence and exquisiteness. Presentation is one of the most important (some would argue, probably the most important) part of fashion. The allure of fashion depends on the visual image created by the clothes and accessories. The designer and the models do their utmost to present and enhance the attractiveness of the creations; the former by their designs and the latter by their poses, but it is the photographer with his or her camera and lenses who captures the real beauty of the creation.

Fashion photography is one of the most popular forms of photography. Whether capturing the essence of a unique design or the beauty of a traditional dress, the fashion photographer has to do both and this makes the job interesting, exciting as well as a bit difficult.

There is an inherent contradiction in the field of fashion photography; as it is in most other commercial art forms. Fashion photography is, purportedly, a vehicle for the depiction and promotion of the clothes and accessories that have to be sold. Thus, it should be purely a commercial venture. In practice however, this art form has, over the years, been used as a vehicle for self expression by some of the world’s greatest photographers. As Anna Wintour, fashion editor at Vogue puts it with so much clarity, “Our needs are simple. We want a photographer to take a dress, make the girl look pretty, give us lots of images to choose from, and not give us any attitude.

Photographers – if they are any good – want to create art.” This statement puts the issue in perspective, but the fact remains that this itself has provided the world with some of the beautiful images in the history of photography.

In today’s world, fashion photography is not limited to models and designers. More and more people are getting their portfolios made. Some want to get a foothold in the fashion industry while some want to have a look at their own beauty as captured through the lenses of a professional photographer. If one wants to make a mark in the extremely competitive world of fashion and modelling, a good portfolio is one of the basic requirements. For this, one needs a good photographer or studio that captures and enhances one’s more attractive features.

Red Flair in Melbourne is one place where you can go to get excellent portfolios made which would be a big help for your budding career in the fashion industry. The studio has a team of professional, experienced photographers who have access to the latest photography gear. These photographers would work with you and come up with the kind of photo shoots which would be best suited to you. So, walk into Red Flair and get a head-start in the glamour industry. To get more information about fashion photography and all other types of services being offered by Red Flair, please visit them at their website www.redflair.com.au

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