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Digital Photography: In Focus

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Imagine taking pictures and printing those moments later. Unleash the power of digital photography and this is what happens. All that are required for taking a digital photograph is a digital camera, a PC, a USB connection to the computer, a printer and a photo-editing program. The first step in taking a digital photograph is to familiarize yourself with the digital camera. Now, do not get frightened! Here is how you can deal with it.

All about a Digi Cam

This is short for picture element, the smallest piece of a digital image. A pixel is also referred to as a single point in a graphic image. These elements are the building blocks of your picture, similar to floor tiles or the squares in a mosaic. Put millions of these tiny squares together and you have a digital picture. In fact, “megapixel” is a simple way of saying one million pixels.

This refers to the number of pixels in an image. The more the pixels in a digital photograph, the more detail the digital photograph can contain and better the image quality. It also refers to the sharpness and clarity of a digital photograph. It is measured in Mega pixels. One Mega pixel is equal to one million pixels. A low resolution refers to less than 1 mega-pixel, high-resolution refers to greater than 1 mega-pixel and advanced high resolution is 4 mega-pixels or more. In Digital Photography the resolution of the camera is the most necessary feature to produce first class photographs.

Auto Focus
A good choice for general picture taking is auto mode. This setting, allows your digital camera to automatically set the exposure, the focus, and the flash. With auto mode, you may override the automatic options of the flash and choose to turn the flash off, use fill flash, or red eye reduction.

Digital Zoom
This crops your image and magnifies the result of the cropping. This magnification process is called interpolation. Sacrificing image quality to capture the moment is more important than not getting the picture at all.

Optical Zoom
This physically tends to magnify the subject. A motor controls the lens movement. When you press the switch to W or T, the subject is either magnified or reduced in size. They are wide-angle (reduce) and telephoto (magnify) respectively. This allows you to view the subject before taking the picture.

It denotes the number of images stored in the camera.

What is up next, regarding the components that are drawn in with Digital Photography?

Items associated with Digital Photography

Keen to know the task of a computer in Digital Photography! The Computer is the vital component in Digital Photography. It does the most important task of storing and displaying digital photographs from the digital camera. It allows those digital photographs to get printed onto an array of digital printers that are available.

The display monitors
The display monitors shows you the images in a broad range of colors. However the image can be seen in different looks when viewed on various display monitors. It is for this reason that it is advised to set the settings of the monitor to the default values as set by the manufacturer.

Printers used for Digital Photography

This prints the image on a photographic paper. Inkjet, Dye sublimation and Thermo Autochrome are few of the Printers used in Digital Photography.

Now you know it all. Digital photography is no longer a stranger!! So, start clicking away.

John Darby

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