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Commercial Product Photography: Three Product Photography Techniques for Great Catalog Online Store Pictures

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1) The Importance of Lighting
In commercial product photography, light plays a great roll in the way in which we will portrait and show products on an online store. Professionals use special lighting techniques to bring dramatic effects and crystal clarity to the images. When not using proper lighting products will look poor in quality and unappealing to the eye making a potential buyer deviate from your website. By using lighting correctly, you can bring a three-dimensional feel to a two-dimensional product image; making it seem more tangible to the viewer – as if they could touch it with their hands. In most cases, typical lighting techniques use in commercial product photography will include strobe lights, soft lighting boxes, powerful strobe lights to gain depth of field, a High resolution camera, reflectors and special macro lenses for close up work.
2) Creating the stage

Creating the right environment or scenario in commercial product photography will tell or play a big part in producing the right mood for your products. Whether you are photographing a fashion garment piece or a pair of glasses setting an atmosphere that makes the customer want to buy the product is vital. A professional photographer knows how to create a mood instead of just documenting a product. For instance, Throwing an apple fruit product on a white background will not appetite the buyer as much as if you set that same apple on a home made table and on top of a plate, saying this as an example the buyer will be reminded of his home and will want to have that apple served on his plate.
3) Image quality

Professional image quality can be achieved by having the right type of equipment and knowledge of the formats in which the image will be displayed. In commercial product photography, photographers should have a keen sense for marketing and should ask questions about the type of products to be about photograph. Knowing the audience that is target it to will help in decision making and best lay out to be created to produce attracting high quality images for an online store product display.
Following these three simple photography techniques will successfully produce high quality product images. Whether you need to create a catalog with pictures of your products or build an online store to settle for less than professional product images is a decision that will pay off dramatically in both sales and the way in which buyers will perceive the quality of your products.

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