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Video Tools and Applications

October 14th, 2011 No comments

Online video has become huge business and there are now so many people using video for online video advertising or just for selling their goods that it’s becoming hard to keep track of the trend. There are millions of video sharing sites like Myspace, and YouTube, were you can up load your videos and share them with friends and relatives, there are also sites for video mixing, mashing-up and converting.

One of the best ways to make use of video is through online video advertising as this boosts your sells phenomenally because online video advertising has many advantages over normal advertising for example it is guaranteed to give you the edge over your competition because video adverts are more attractive and eye catching than simple advertisement banners on the internet with video adverts you can show more information about your products and thus attract more people to your website. Video adverts can incorporate live action, animation, or 3D animation etc this means that you have many options on how to make your advert more appealing, video adverts allow you the chance to reach out to a wider population because they are more dynamic than normal marketing adverts. Online video advertising allows you to give a better and more detailed description of your products and services. This is one of the biggest advantages that this form of advertising has over other advertising forms, most people don’t enjoy reading a lot text about a product, online video advertising can offer potential costumers a detailed description of what the product looks like, its features, how to use it and how to buy Online video advertising is the best solution and would be most effective for online marketers when they are launching a new product or service on the market. . Another benefit of online video advertising is that you can track traffic on a website and analyze results so this way you can measure which sites are effective and which one are not performing.

But you to benefit from all these advantages that online video advertising brings you first have to have video content, you have to first come up with the idea and concept for the video then you will have to shot the video, edit it and finally post it onto your website and on the internet, this is were video tools come in because you will need video tools to shoot, edit, add audio text or animation, to compress the video and then to post it on the internet. There are many video tools that you can make use of for example Talkstream Audio & Video Tools, this video application is a great way to handle all video and audio editing and it will help your marketing strategy to have the edge of the competition, with Talkstream Audio & Video Tools you have one of the best video tools because it provides you with an easy way to record audio and video instantly and publish it on the internet or onto your website.

Talkstream Audio &Video Tools has many features which will help you to communicate better with your potential costumer and get the message across in the most effective way. Talkstream video and audio tools will help you increase your sales and convert more visitors to your site into buying costumers. It will help you build credibility in the field that you are in because you reputation will increase as you include audio testimonials onto your website, Talkstream video and audio tools will also help you to enhance the architectural and aesthetic beauty of your website.

Talkstream is not however the only video and audio tool available on the market today there are many other applications that you can use to gain the benefits that you would gain using Talkstream. All you need is to know what to look for in a video application for example a good video application should be able to record both video and audio to the highest resolution and clearest sound with a webcam, phone or micro phone. A good video application should be able to upload your video files and presentations on to the internet, it should be able to design your video player using a simple skin wizard, the application should be able to publish your video onto the internet or on your website instantly, it should also be able to create playlists and record sequences.

With video and audio tools you can record audio using a phone or microphone, then publish it on the your website, and once its published all you will then have to do is create a new pod cast or just update your pod cast RSS feed, after this you can then promote, announce and syndicate your content. Video tools will help you to boost your marketing drive because now you don’t have to spend millions on a TV advert which are expensive so you can save a lot of money using very basic equipment like a digital camera, a microphone and a video tool, further more you don’t have to pay for airtime to show your advert all you need to do is publish it and it will always be there for everyone to see.

Video tools are also because thy will help you to increase the traffic to your website because every time that you post new video content onto the internet the video tool will help you to notify a long list of popular services such as Odeo, Syndic8, Ping-0-Matic, Feedster, PodNova, Apple iTunes, and Goo just to mention a few.

video and audio tools provide you with a wide variety of possibilities on what you can do with them, for example they provide you with reliable statistics, they have automated pod casting, audio recording, intuitive management, you can add streams to many websites, it gives you easy publishing ability, you can even send streams through email, they have a wide variety of stylish, beautiful and adjustable skins, and you can also add audio testimonials with video and audio tools.

People will be surprised to know that videos games have been around since the world war two era. Since the middle of the nineties to the late nineties there have been many videos games that have been posted on to the web but many people did not have the right tools to view or to play the games. The ability of your computer to play7 and a display games in your computer is all the work of the video card. The card is also responsible for how the games play out on your machine. Technology is ever improving and the effect that has on the prices of older models is adverse but that is good news for the ordinary man on the street as he can now afford what he could not. The World Wide Web is full of streamlined audio. There is video and audio streaming and live broadcasts. Entrepreneurs who sell music online through downloads have also taken advantage of this video tool of audio streaming as they use it for people to sample their music.

The simple definition of video conference calling is the communication of two people in separate locations but in detail. Video conference calling is coming together of peripherals, video and audio to allow two or more people to communicate at the same time through a certain telecommunication line. Lecturers in higher learning centers are adopting video conference calling to be part of their educational tools. The popularity of this tool is due to its flexibility in terms of areas that it can be operated. A video game is computerized game that operated by manipulating pictures on the monitor or screen.

Businesses have not been spared the video tools phenomenon. Social networking sites are offering businesses the chance to advertise for themselves on their sites and there is no doubting the power of video adverts of text adverts. The benefits of posting your video on a website are amazing. The thing with video is that it has the power to capture attention and return it. You can have a video on your website or email by using MyVideoTalk. Web publishers and bloggers can access top video content on the web using the video tool Clip Blast. Video tools as they are part of technology will always improve, with better tools come of the production line to make life easier for you and of course they will become cheaper.

One famous author once said we all have a history be it human being, animal or gadget. That saying is very true; taking a look at the computer it has come a long way from the days it was simply a data processing tool to today where one can play games, music and videos. The functions that can be executed by a computer using the right tools range from, recording, cut, edit, mix, splice, publish and create your own media. That is not all as they is a range of tools that can go further than that and enable you to rip CDs and encode whole videos and animations. The question then for most people is where do I find that kind of software?

There is on site online that is the best when it comes to downloading of video and audio software, This is the site where you can find software that deals with video and audio tools. This is like no other software site as they list all categories of both audio and video software. The software that they have has the ability to execute from the simplest task of converting an mp3 to the difficult task of making a full length video from square one. The site is the one stop shop for all your video and audio tools. When you are on the site there is no need to flip through all the pages to find the software that you are looking for as you can just click on the category that think it is in and for sure it will be there. The site has all three types of software that you may choose from freeware, shareware and commercial. The software is that is on the list ahs a detailed description about how it operates and there are three slots for ratings, why three slots you may wonder? Well there is one slot for the user, the staff and you can also include your own rating of own.

The site ha reviews of all the software that it provides; there you will be able to see the performance of each function being rated. The review feature on the website is something that is unique to the website as other sites that deal with audio and video sites do no offer it. The site also offers its users the chance to submit articles of their own software that they have developed; by so doing they are exposing young developers to the industry of software development. The feature does not end there as they are different options to choose. The developer can choose to have his or her article listed on front page, footer text links or top level search. The software on the site that I recommend to most people because it is the most popular and because it has a lot of functions is the blaze media pro. This software is what they call a all in one type it can burn, rip, capture, edit, mix, create, combine and extract all files and thus you can make your own personal media.

The site is incredible and another bonus that it carries on its shoulders is that it is a relative newcomer and it still has room for growth the question is if it is so good now what of in the future? There are not enough superlatives in the dictionary to describe the greatness of the site. The best thing to do is log on to the site and view it for yourself.

Jasson Standley

Success, Start With Humility

October 10th, 2011 4 comments

One of the biggest dangers I’ve seen with people and business is how they move forward when they have already experienced success. Not that success itself is the problem, but in some cases it’s the attitude it can bring. Many of those who have succeeded approach their business with a learners mentality. They want to find out about the business, try things out and if it works, they feel pretty good about themselves.

However, once some have had a taste of that success, they start to feel “overly optimistic” about their prospects, they forget about everything that gave them their initial prosperity and feel that they can do no wrong. They’ve already succeeded, the belief: “I can do it again.”

You’re probably familiar with the statistic that 9 out of every 10 businesses fail in the first 5 years. In my unscientific view I would completely agree with that. If you think that your success will be a continuous unending string of “King Midas touches”, that is when you’d better take a step back and take a good hard look at yourself. Just because you’ve had success in one venture doesn’t mean that it will become a streak.

However, if your approach to business starts with a little humility for the success you’ve already had, I believe that you maintain and in fact GAIN and edge on your competitors. It helps keep you fighting for your business and allows you to stay in the game longer.

So how can you develop this attitude? Here are the 5 critical traits that you need:

1. “Listen, don’t just hear” – One of the best lessons I ever learned early on was to open up your ears and shut your mouth. If you listen to your customers and prospects, they will tell you what they want and need. By listening, you can shift and change what you may have thought to be the correct approach to your business , when in fact you may have been wrong.

2. “Yesterday’s lessons may not be helpful today” – Experience is one of the best forms of capital you bring to a business, however, just because something worked yesterday doesn’t mean it will work today. Ask yourself, “How can I bring it to the next level?” Think about the camera film manufacturers now that digital cameras are so popular. Does yesterday’s experience tell you that they should invest more money and build a better film or should you invest in trying to take advantage of the new digital camera craze?

3. “Take a look at your business with fresh eyes” – If you continuously review your business and pretend that you have to sell yourself over again, are you still relevant? Does your business plan make sense? If you continuously reassess your business you won’t be caught flat-footed if things change or you next venture is launched.

4. “Be grateful” – Have you ever walked into a retail store or a restaurant where you were treated as if was an honor for you to be giving them your money? I hate those places, and I only visit them once. I’ll bet I’m not alone either. If you were on the receiving end of your business, would you do business with you? Honestly, ask yourself that very question. If you don’t value your customers then forget about them wanting to help you.

5. “Ignore the kudos” – I enjoy being complimented for a job well done as much as anyone, but if you dwell on those things, what do you really gain? Ever walked into an executive office where the walls were covered with awards, plaques, photos of them with well known people and over the top “look at me and what I’ve done” trinkets? When you walk into an office like that you definitely form an opinion about that person. Personally, I think you’re better off appreciating the thanks, understand what got you there and moving on.

Every business owner’s goal is to become successful, once you’ve reached that goal make sure that you remember you’ll get to the next level and become even more successful without arrogance than assume you can do it because you’re behind the wheel.

Benny Carreon

Olevia HDTV Is The New Kid On The Block

October 7th, 2011 No comments

Olevia HDTV is the new kid on the block when it comes to high definition televisions. But Olevia is that popular new kid – the one everybody at school thinks is cool.

The Company Behind Olevia HDTV

The Olevia HDTV brands are owned by the Syntaxbrillian Corporation, which was formed on November 30, 2005. The company was a merger of Syntax, which started shipping wide screen LCD HDTV sets in 2004, and Billian Corporation, which produced a product listed as PC Magazine’s “best rear projection TV” in the magazine’s 2005 holiday gift guide.

The company also owns the Vivitar digital still and video camera brand. If you’re an investor who thinks Syntaxbrillian might be a good buy, recent shares sold at $3.83 per share on the NASDAQ Exchange. According to information publicly available to potential investors, 2008 revenues are expected to be between $650 million and $685 million.

Top Rated Olevia HDTVs

The 27 inch Olevia 227-S11 HDTV widescreen HDTV has amazon’s highest rating: five stars. Four customers gave this Olevia HDTV a five-star rating, and one gave it a four-star rating.

Charlesn of New York wrote that this set has the highest quality to price ratio on the market. On the downside, Charlesn also wrote that technical support for this model was basically non-existent.

W.W. from Bellevue, Washington, disagreed with Charlesn about Olevia customer service. He had screen problems after about six months with his Olevia HDTV after the video processor blew out. He wrote that Olevia “quickly replaced the blown unit without any obstacles or issues.”

Drew from Boston, Massachusetts, wrote, “This is a great TV.” He especially liked the value of the Olevia HDTV and wrote that “the price I got it for just blew all others out of the water.”

The Olevia HDTV with the most customer reviews on amazon is the Syntax Olevia HDTV model no.LT30HV, a 30 inch HD-ready flat panel LCD TV.

Gadgester, of New York, pronounced Olevia a “great entry-level LCD TV.” C. Tizano, of Los Angeles, California, compared the brightness and contrast specifications of the Olevia HDTV to the specs for models in the $2,500 to $3,500 price range. That is high praise for an HDTV that sells for about $650.

The Syntax Olevia 242V 42″ LCD HDTV is another top-rated Olevia HDTV model. Badger, of Wisconsin, wrote that he had never written a product review before, but he was so impressed by the spectacular picture on his new set, he was breaking out of his shell to write a review.

With these impressive reviews, the new kid on the block is sure to be around for awhile.

Michael Hehn

Consumer Reports – Camcorders

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hose grainy, jumpy home movies of yesteryear are long gone–replaced by home movies shot on digital or analog camcorders. You can edit and embellish the footage with music using your computer, then play it back on your VCR; you can even send it via e-mail.

Digital camcorders, now the dominant type, generally offer very good to excellent picture quality, along with very good sound capability, compactness, and ease of handling. Making copies of a digital recording won’t result in a loss of picture or sound quality. You can even take rudimentary still photos with some digital camcorders.

Analog camcorders, now a small part of the market, generally have good picture and sound quality and are less expensive. Some analog units are about as compact and easy to handle as digital models, while others are a bit bigger and bulkier.


Sony dominates the camcorder market, with multiple models in a number of formats. Other top brands include Canon, JVC, Panasonic, and Samsung.

Most digital models come in the MiniDV format. Formats such as the disc-based DVD-RAM and DVD-R have also appeared. Some digital models weigh as little as one pound.

MiniDV. Don’t let their small size deceive you. Although some models can be slipped into a large pocket, MiniDV camcorders can record very high-quality images. They use a unique tape cassette, and the typical recording time is 60 minutes at standard play (SP) speed. Expect to pay $6.50 for a 60-minute tape. You’ll need to use the camcorder for playback–it converts its recording to an analog signal, so it can be played directly into a TV or VCR. If the TV or VCR has an S-video input jack, use it to get a high-quality picture.

Price range: $350 to more than $2,000.

Digital 8. Also known as D8, this format gives you digital quality on Hi8 or 8mm cassettes, which cost $6.50 and $3.50, respectively. The Digital 8 format records with a faster tape speed, so a “120-minute” cassette lasts only 60 minutes at SP. Most models can also play your old analog Hi8 or 8mm tapes.

Price range: $350 to $800.

Disc-based. Capitalizing on the explosive growth and capabilities of DVD movie discs, these formats offer benefits tape can’t provide: long-term durability, a compact medium, and random access to scenes as with a DVD. The 3 1/4-inch discs record standard MPEG-2 video, the same format used in commercial DVD videos. The amount of recording time varies according to the quality level you select: from 20 minutes per side at the highest-quality setting for DVD-RAM up to about 60 minutes per side at the lowest setting. DVD-RAM discs are not compatible with most DVD players, but the discs can be reused. DVD-R is supposed to be compatible with most DVD players and computer DVD drives, but the discs are write-once. We paid about $25 at a local retailer for a blank DVD-RW.

Price range: $700 to $1,000.

Most analog camcorders now use the Hi8 format; VHS-C and Super VHS-C are fading from the market. Blank tapes range in price from $3.50 to $6.50. Analog camcorders usually weigh around 2 pounds. Picture quality is generally good, though a notch below that of digital.

Price range: $225 to $500.


A flip-out liquid-crystal-display (LCD) viewer is becoming commonplace on all but the lowest-priced camcorders. You’ll find it useful for reviewing footage you’ve shot and easier to use than the eyepiece viewfinder for certain shooting poses. Some LCD viewers are hard to use in sunlight, a drawback on models that have only a viewer and no eyepiece.

Screens vary from 2 1/2 to 4 inches measured diagonally, with a larger screen offered as a step-up feature on higher-priced models. Since an LCD viewer uses batteries faster than an eyepiece viewfinder does, you don’t have as much recording time when the LCD is in use.

An image stabilizer automatically reduces most of the shaking that occurs from holding the camcorder as you record a scene. Most stabilizers are electronic; a few are optical. Either type can be effective, though mounting the camcorder on a tripod is the surest way to get steady images. If you’re not using a tripod, you can try holding the camcorder with both hands and propping both elbows against your chest.

Full auto switch essentially lets you point and shoot. The camcorder automatically adjusts the color balance, shutter speed, focus, and aperture (also called the “iris” or “f-stop” with camcorders).

Autofocus adjusts for maximum sharpness; manual focus override may be needed for problem situations, such as low light. (With some camcorders, you may have to tap buttons repeatedly to get the focus just right.) With many models, you can also control exposure, shutter speed, and white balance.

The zoom is typically a finger control–press one way to zoom in, the other way to widen the view. The rate at which the zoom changes will depend on how hard you press the switch. Typical optical zoom ratios range from 10:1 to 26:1. The zoom relies on optical lenses, just like a film camera (hence the term “optical zoom”). Many camcorders offer a digital zoom to extend the range to 400:1 or more, but at a lower picture quality.

For tape-based formats, analog or digital, every camcorder displays tape speeds the same way a VCR does. Every model, for example, includes an SP (standard play) speed. Digitals have a slower, LP (long play) speed that adds 50 percent to the recording time. A few 8mm and Hi8 models have an LP speed that doubles the recording time. All VHS-C and S-VHS-C camcorders have an even slower EP (extended play) speed that triples the recording time. With analog camcorders, slower speeds worsen picture quality. Slow speed usually doesn’t reduce picture quality on digital camcorders. But using slow speed means sacrificing some seldom-used editing options and may restrict playback on other camcorders.

Disc-based formats have a variety of modes that trade off recording time for image quality.

Quick review lets you view the last few seconds of a scene without having to press a lot of buttons. For special lighting situations, preset auto-exposure settings can be helpful. A “snow & sand” setting, for example, adjusts shutter speed or aperture to accommodate high reflectivity.

A light provides some illumination for close shots when the image would otherwise be too dark. Backlight compensation increases the exposure slightly when your subject is lit from behind and silhouetted. An infrared-sensitive recording mode (also known as night vision, zero lux, or MagicVu) allows shooting in very dim or dark situations, using infrared emitters. You can use it for nighttime shots, although colors won’t register accurately in this mode.

Audio/video inputs let you record material from another camcorder or from a VCR, useful for copying part of another video onto your own. (A digital camcorder must have such an input jack if you want to record analog material digitally.) Unlike a built-in microphone, an external microphone that is plugged into a microphone jack won’t pick up noises from the camcorder itself, and it typically improves audio performance.

A camcorder with digital still capability lets you take snapshots, which can be downloaded to your computer. The photo quality is generally inferior to that of a still camera.

Features that may aid editing include a built-in title generator, a time-and-date stamp, and a time code, which is a frame reference of exactly where you are on a tape–the hour, minute, second, and frame. A remote control helps when you’re using the camcorder as a playback device or when you’re using a tripod. Programmed recording (a self-timer) starts the camcorder recording at a preset time.


Pick your price range and format. The least-expensive camcorders on the market are analog. All the rest are digital.

Once you’ve decided which part of the price spectrum to explore, you need to pick a specific recording format. That determines not only how much you’ll be spending for tapes or discs, but also how much recording time you’ll get. The tape-based formats are typically superior in picture quality.

With analog, you can get 120 to 300 minutes of recording on a Hi8 cassette; with the SVHS-C or VHS-C formats, you can get only 30 to 120 minutes.

With digital formats that use MiniDV, Digital 8, or MicroMV tapes, you can get at least 60 minutes of recording on a standard cassette. MiniDV and D8 cassettes are the least expensive and easiest to find.

Digital DVD camcorders from Panasonic and Hitachi can accommodate DVD-RAM discs, which can be reused but aren’t compatible with all DVD players. All brands also use DVD-R, one-use discs that work in most DVD players. The standard setting yields 60 minutes of recording; the “fine” setting, 30 minutes.

If you’re replacing an older camcorder, think about what you’ll do with the tapes you’ve accumulated. If you don’t stay with the same format you’ve been using, you will probably want to transfer the old tapes to an easily viewed medium, such as a DVD.

If you’re buying your first camcorder, concentrate on finding the best one for your budget, regardless of format.

Check the size, weight, and controls. In the store, try different camcorders to make sure they fit your hand and are comfortable to use. Some models can feel disconcertingly tiny. (You’ll need to use a tripod if you want rock-steady video, no matter which camcorders you choose.) Most camcorders are designed so that the most frequently used controls–the switch to zoom in and out, and the record button–fall readily to hand. Make sure that the controls are convenient and that you can change the tape or DVD and remove the battery.

Check the flip-out LCD viewer. Most measure 2.5 inches on the diagonal, but some are larger, adding about $100 to the price. If the viewer seems small and difficult to use or suffers from too much glare, consider trading up to a similar model or a different brand to get a better screen.

Think about the lighting. A camcorders isn’t always used outdoors or in a brightly lit room. You can shoot video in dim light, but don’t expect miracles. In our tests, using the camcorders’ default mode, most produced only fair or poor images in very low light. Many camcorders have settings that can improve performance but can be a challenge to use.

Copyright © 2002-2006 Consumers Union of U.S., Inc.

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Nokia N73: Experience Digital Imaging on your Mobile Phone

October 1st, 2011 No comments

Aesthetically designed, endowed with superb imaging capabilities coupled with a wide range of features, your Nokia N73 is certain to take your mobile communique to a different level. The main selling point is its photographic capabilities which makes it a delight for professionals as well as amateurs. Stuffed with almost all high-end functionalities the mobile phone is a top notch multimedia device.

With Nokia N73 , capture the world’s best in all colours and sizes. Featuring a high definition 3.2-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, this Nokia mobile phone helps you click some awe-inspiring images. Other features like mechanical shutter and advanced auto-focus facility which reduces the movement distortion helps you click clear images, even in dull light conditions.

Share images with consummate ease. The handset also has facilities for you to review, send and print photos with a compatible partner. Upload the images you have shot directly to Flickr and share it with the rest of world. If you are not shooting and talking on your phone then listen to some of your favourite songs on its integrated digital music player. The stereo sound effects makes listening music more pleasurable.

Get seamless connectivity within and outside with your Nokia N73 . Versatile connectivity options like Pop-port, Bluetooth and infrared allows you to connect your handset to any personal computer and transfer all the your desired content from your PC to handset and vice versa. An expandable memory card slot gives you bigger memory space to accommodate all your songs and videos. The handset also has impressive call management and personalization features to help you communicate effectively.

The rich features of this multimedia device makes it truly desirable. Get a Nokia N73 today and experience the power of digital imaging.

Alice Erin

Samsung U900 Soul Mobile Phone Review – A Slider With Personality

September 27th, 2011 No comments

Consumers will ultimately want to investigate this nifty little gadget; the Samsung Soul. This mobile phone is equipped with many key features that will make you be glad to be the proud owner. You will notice and become impressed with the physique of this high class slim slider made up of black plastic while the battery lid is composed of metal. The size is just right at 4.2 x 1.9 x 0.5 inches, weighing in at only 4.0 oz (112 g)!

Upon purchasing this classy looking mobile phone; you will find it comes with two small CD’s, a manual, headphones, data cable, advertising brochure and a charger. This phone has a small display (approximately 2/3 of the top part of the phone); supporting resolutions of 240 x 320, 16 million colors. The user of this phone will receive many detailed images.

The Samsung Mobile phone also comes equipped with Google Search and mobile blogging! Google Search allows for quick research while traveling to and from business meetings. For those who must blog on the go; this is indeed the perfect phone for you. You may be surprised to learn it has an RSS Reader as well! Needless to say there is so much that can be accomplished with this phone!

This camera ready mobile phone is equipped with five mega pixels possessing auto focus, face detection and auto focus; giving modern digital cameras a run for their money. If you are a true camera person; you’ll be impressed with what this feature can do and how clear the picture quality is.

This phone is a one stop shop entertainer as well! Carry around your complete music collection since this music ready mobile phone comes equipped with FM stereo radio, RDS and music library applications; allowing you to organize your latest and greatest music collection. Music lovers enjoy the ease of being able to store 1000 songs in this little gadget and let us not forget the Bang & Olusen ICEpower digital amplifier produces quality output of music. The Samsung Mobile Phone supports formats such as AAC, MP3, WAV, MIDI and WMA, not to mention a caller ID, Bluetooth 2.0 and HSDPA with 7.2 megabytes.

You will be amazed to find The Samsung Soul has DaCP; directional pad icons which change depending upon the function. For example, when you switch to camera mode, DaCP switches over to the zoom feature; giving users instant access to certain features and changes. The display is touch sensitive, ultimately replacing the D-pad. This mobile phone is equipped with features for everyone. It possesses great sensibility feature which can be adjusted according to the user’s specific needs. In addition to all of this; when touch it can vibrate; icon color and effects are customizable.

The Samsung Soul is data read; allowing users to download files at a rapid pace; accessing the internet and email at high broadband speed thanks to the HSDPA support at 7.2 Mbps. Pictures and video can be transferred instantly because of 3G support this mobile phone possesses.

Carlson Osbourne

Tips for Digital Photography – 3 Most Critical Things for Quality Digital Pictures

September 21st, 2011 No comments

I remember my first digital camera I bought lots of years ago. It was a Mustek and so, a piece of garbage. But back then, this was the best you could get. From the beginning of the early digital days we have come a long way though. Once in a while, some of my friends, because they know I am a photography enthusiast, are asking me what they should look for when buying a digital camera, what the most important features are and how to take quality digital pictures. This is a very hard question that you can answer and thats partly because, honestly, there are a lot of things which can go into the process of taking quality digital pictures. But, I have chosen top three deal breakers, the way I call them, so I will use this article to discuss them in detail.

Unbelievably, unless you have a really high end camera, most important to taking quality digital pictures is lighting. Did you ever took pictures using a poor or fair camera yet still with using such great conditions for lighting, your pictures came out great? Well I have. Actually, with my Mustek, I found out that by setting up good lighting conditions made the camera work like a charm. However, take this light away and your camera will produce the most color washed and grainy pictures that you could ever imagine. Lighting makes all the difference. This puts it on the top in my preference list, above even the camera itself. Hence, if you are on a tight budget and can’t buy a great camera, you should make sure that you have sufficient light.

Next is the camera itself. Basically, the better is the camera, the better is the quality for the pictures. However, there is a problem, and that is how to decide whats a great camera? You can’t go only by mega pixels as each producer has different methods by which they are represented. So a camera that has 8 mega pixels could actually not be such as good for quality as one camera produced by other manufacturer and which has only 6 mega pixels. So, read as much unbiased reviews for each camera you are thinking to buy. How could you tell which review is unbiased? Thats one where there is no link to the camera.

Finally, theres the photographers skill. Unfortunately, this you cant buy out of a box. Skill is something that I picked up with time, but, its something that you could learn and develop.

Alex Don

Aiptek Dv5900 5mp Pocket Digital Camcorder Review

September 18th, 2011 No comments

Home recording has made large strides in terms of portability, as we are seeing new entries into the home camcorder market, but none so great as the recent moves that have made the aiptek dv5900 4mp mpeg4 pocket digital camcorder one of the best reviewed and revealed cameras. With today’s growing viral internet market, comedy timing, and creative recording devices, getting your hands on a pocket digital camcorder might make or break a world class video.

Never before have you been able to share your recordings with so many people so fast. With the rise of viral videos, youtube, and many other video sharing sites, you can now upload your video and share it with people across the world immediately. Before these modern days, you would have to make sure you had an empty tape to record on, and then you had to work through some cumbersome software to try and get your videos to your friends and families. With the easy to use aiptek dv5900 4mp mpeg4 pocket digital camcorder, you can now record videos digitally in mpeg4 format, a universal video codec that will take your videos to the next level.

If portability is what you’re after, this is going to solve all your problems. With technology getting smaller and easier to travel with, you can now be first on the scene with a video camera, and be first to upload it for the masses! That’s right, you can not only be on the scene, ready to roll with a moments notice, you can also easily transfer your videos in the preferred format for distribution. With the aiptek dv5900 4mp mpeg4 pocket digital camcorder, you not only get easy to use basic functions, you also get the portability that will get you to move forward in the video sector online.

If you get yourself a new aiptek dv5900 4mp mpeg4 pocket digital camcorder, you also can take advantage of the built in four megapixel camera with standard flash, strobe, macro lens, and if you’re in a hurry and want to see what you’ve recorded check out the 1.5 inch tft color lcd display, and move on. That’s right, you can get photos and not worry about running out of room with internal flash memory, and if you need more room take advantage of the external SD slot that will let you get gain more room for our photos and videos.

Take advantage of this pocket camcorder and you will find yourself with a great deal. The aiptek dv5900 4mp mpeg4 pocket digital camcorder is not going to break the bank at all, and people have been raving about how low cost and high quality this portable camcorder really is. If you’re looking for a highly durable, inexpensive, portable camera, you’re going to be in love with this one. The market is saturated with different brands and cameras, trying to push inferior cameras, and that’s unfortunate because the aiptek dv5900 4mp mpeg4 pocket digital camcorder is high class living, at a low cost entry point. High quality, portability, and top notch functionality are the three things that you can count on with this premiere camcorder.

Allen Jesson

Reviews on the World’s Lightest Digital Camera: Nikon D40x

September 9th, 2011 No comments

Japan based Nikon Corporations rule the digital photographic devices market for its razor sharp clarity and fineness. Nikon’s trustworthiness and creativity with its products coupled with strategic marketing propelled it to the top. It’s the obvious virtue of customers to expect very high quality stuff with simple operability and Nikon supersedes all expectations with élan.

The latest digital SLR camera from Nikon, the D40x is the epitome of simplicity delivering excellent shots. It is touted to be the lightest digital SLR camera weighting less than 500g. This 10.2 mega pixel CCD is an updated version of its predecessor D40 which had a 6.1 mega pixel CCD. It has the trademark simple and intuitive operability of any other Nikon digital camera, designed to capture outstandingly detailed photo shots.

Fitted with AF-S DX 18.55 mm zoom Nikkor lens, this ergonomically designed 2.5 inches LCD offers a large viewing and setting space allowing even novices to click better. Professional photographers on the other hand swear by its speed that allows them to act on the moment with ease. It has a less than 1 second power-up time, something very crucial for die-hard photographers. Easy seamless control over the various settings has won the hearts of most users of this digital SLR camera.

Though the multi functionality of Nikon D40x is a dream for its users, the need to program the function button afresh each time is the only negative review highlighted by them. Otherwise there is hardly anything to complain about the Nikon D40x DSLR. It aims at filling the vacuum between D40 and D80 DSLRs in terms of resolution. It has proven to be amongst the best Nikon digital cameras in market enjoying acceptability by one and all.

Jayson Pablo

Information Regarding Top Consumer Reports

August 4th, 2011 No comments

Yearly Consumer Reports predicts the short-term reliability of motor vehicle models for the new model year. This predicted reliability is based on the infrequency of serious problems in the three preceding model years, as reported in a survey of its subscribers.

When data are lacking or insufficient for one or more model years, the predicted short-term reliability is based on fewer than the last three model years. In some instances, it is based on only one year – primarily when a model is new or newly redesigned.

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